The Netherlands has been criticised for its glacial start to the coronavirus vaccination process — but, according to chairman of the National Acute Care Network, Ernst Kuipers, the biggest hold-up is people wanting a selfie while getting the jab. 

That’s right. It’s not the amount of available stock, delivery, storage, the building of vaccination centres, available staff, or any other number of things that could go wrong.

Instead, people want to score with their Insta game. 👎

Kuipers made the comments on the talk show Jinek last night while discussing how to make the most out of the number of available vaccines.

“Per bottle [of the vaccine] you can get seven instead of five [doses]. So you can increase the number by 40%, meaning we have vaccines for 700,000 people,” he told host Eva Jinek.

“However, the most time restricting factor with vaccinating in the hospital, you know what that is? You will never guess, it is that everyone wants to take a selfie.”

Watch the (Dutch) video below:

Okay, we get that being vaccinated is a huge, life-changing moment — but can we hold the selfies until we leave the vaccination centre? We’re pretty sure the other 17 million people in the Netherlands who are also waiting their turn would appreciate it 👍


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 Will you take a selfie during your vaccination? Tell us in the comment below!

Feature Image: Anna Shvets/Pexels


  1. What a bullshit. Like people only in the Netherlands are addicted to selfies. Also medical workers aren’t retarded to not tell people that they are short on time if they are indeed. Though even +40% of shots won’t change current picture drastically.


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