I doubt this would shock anybody too much, but the weather is looking pretty bleak for the rest of the week, but that’s Dutch weather for you. However, the good news is that you may see a slight bit of sun on the weekend! (What’s the sun?) I know it probably doesn’t feel it, but the weather is relatively warm for this time of year (nowhere close to having any snow at least). So before we get excited about any snowy possibilities – it isn’t going to happen.

This week’s January weather…

Today continues to be grey with scattered showers for much of the country throughout the day.

On Thursday there appears to be a mixed bag of weather. Cloudy, with a chance of both rain and sun, as if it wasn’t confusing enough (shall you cycle, shall you not? It might be risky one).

On Friday, there is more rain in the morning, with a (very) slight possibility of it completely stopping in the afternoon, but it’s still going to be a grey day.

On Saturday, it is a mix of grey clouds and sun, with a slight possibility of rain, but it is not expected for most of the country.

Finally, on Sunday it should be a dry and sunny day. With a mix of clouds and sun. So this should be the day to get outside and enjoy this rarity this time of year.

However, when in doubt, just assume it’s going to rain… after all it is the Netherlands!

Source: weerplaza

Next week’s weather…


It’s too early to say for sure what is happening with the weather next week, but lets just say it’s looking worse than this week for sure. So maybe it’s best to be getting out this weekend and enjoying the slight bit of sun that we have left.


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