No rain for 32 days in the Netherlands: that’s (almost!) a record

Have you been watering your plants enough? Check on your garden, because it’s been more than a month with no rain, and there’s no sign of any coming our way.

It’s been 32 days, and not a single drop of rain has graced our tulip-filled land.

While we can’t deny the charm of endless sunny days, the heatwave is turning up the dial with an average temperature of 26ºC during the day and a chilly (ha!) 12ºC at night. ☀️

We’re also facing a precipitation deficit of 122 millimetres. But don’t panic! While there’s no rain in sight, we still haven’t made it into the top 5% driest years in the Netherlands — yet.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Dutch weather gods won’t let us down! 🙏

Meanwhile, as if hay fever wasn’t already the sneeziest of foes, this rainless escapade is making it even worse. Bless you, dear hay fever warriors, for you are truly braving the storm (or lack thereof).

Record-breaking drought

Remember the drought of 2007? Yeah, us neither. However, that was when the previous record for most days with no rain was set: 33 days. Apparently, 16 years later, this is child’s play. We are well underway to breaking this record — that, truly, we don’t want to break. 

We just feel sad for the plants suffering. Go check on the grass at your local park. Is it brown and breaking at your fingers? Maybe you can sneak in at night and water it. 🌱

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Now, there is a chance of a thunderstorm next week, but even that is becoming questionable. 

As meteorologist Marjon de Hond tells RTL Nieuws, “The chance of a thunderstorm will only increase next week. But that is still so far away, that expectation is also shifting.”

So, dear Netherlanders, grab your water bottles, pray to the rain gods, and start doing that funky rain dance you learned from your eccentric aunt. 🕺

How have you been enjoying the rain-less month? Tell us in the comments!

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Julia de Oliveira Moritz
Julia de Oliveira Moritz
Júlia was born in Brazil, but she’s been away for more than half her life. At five years old, she moved to Nigeria, and at 14, she came to the Netherlands. She came for her education and stayed for… something. She’s not sure if that something is the vibrant springtime or the live music bars. All she knows is that this is her new home, at least for now.
  1. Praying to the rain gods and doing a rain dance may make you feel like you are doing something. However, try praying to our God of all gods. He’s the ONLY one that can send the rain! I’m praying that God will send you rain soon🙏


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