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Keep on Dreaming: No white christmas in Holland again

This year will probably be a disappointment again for those who long for a white christmas in Holland. Weeronline predicts temperatures around 7-10 degrees Celsius for Christmas in Holland which means if something drops from the sky, it will sadly be rain. But after the heat record breaking 14 degrees Celsius of Christmas in Holland in 2015 maybe nobody really expected it this year anyway. 

White Christmas in Holland since 1901

This magical phenomenon happened for the last time in 2010 when it snowed the whole week before christmas. Since the year 1901 the KNMI reported eight white Christmases, a white Christmas being a closed snow-deck on two (Yeah we have two) Christmas-days in De Bilt. There were 21 Christmas-days in that period where only a light snowfall was reported. 

Ice-skating in a snowy Giethoorn. Can it get anymore Dutch?

Traditions: Christmas in Holland

So in the light of Dutch holiday traditions we can say that this Christmas will be quite traditional since a white Christmas in Holland is reported only eight times in more then a hundred years. Finally some good news for holiday traditionalists in the Netherlands that are already (finally) losing the battle for Black-pete’s colour! Christmas in Holland will be as traditional as can be!


For those who are fortunate enough to go on a winter sports vacation the dream will probably become reality. There has been enough snowfall in most winter sports areas so a white Christmas won’t be a problem there. Only thing that can mess up your white Christmas then is when you’re forced to take a ‘gipsvlucht’ back before Christmas. The amount of people that are so badly injured they need a flight back to the Netherlands increased to 1500 per year.


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