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Meral Van Leeuwen

Meral van Leeuwen is an editor, writer and food-addict. Brother of the other Van Leeuwen here. From Rotterdam, living in Utrecht. She authored the book 'IBB-boek'.

Dinner in Motion: A new dinner experience for all you foodies

Dinner in Motion - A new dinner experience in Utrecht for all you foodies who also want...

Cycling over a school is now a thing in Utrecht

The story of the Dafne Schippers bridge What to do if you want to connect one area to...

Soak up some Dutch culture at the Nederlands Film Festival!

Do you always end up going to an American or English movie at the cinema, because you’re...

A guide to ‘Herring happen’

The Herring - This little fishy sends shivers down many expats – and Dutchmen – spine. Petit,...

Dutch horse meat scandal deepens (but look at the plus side)

February 2013 I will always remember as the month I found out that all along I was eating horse-meat during my collegedays.