Amsterdam and Rotterdam will be the first Dutch municipalities that require people to wear a face mask in certain areas only. 

From next Wednesday, August 5, anyone over the age of 13 will be subject to the new rule while walking on streets or inside shops in the designated areas.

It has been emphasized that this is not a replacement for social distancing — people are still expected to keep 1.5 metres away from each other.

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Where will wearing a face mask be compulsory?

In Rotterdam, people will need to wear a face mask in shopping areas in the centre, such as the Coolsingel, Lijnbaan, De Meent, and Nieuwe Binnenwegplein. Markets on the Visserijplein, Afrikaanderplein, and the Binnenrotte will also have the rule, and so will the covered shopping malls Alexandrium and Zuidplein.

In Amsterdam, this includes the Red Light District, the shopping streets Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk, and in the markets on Plein ’40 -’45 and Albert Cuypstraat.


Why have municipalities implemented this rule?

The decision by the municipalities comes after weeks of speculation about whether a nationwide rule would be announced. The Dutch government has decided not to take a stance on the issue but agreed Wednesday to allow municipalities to experiment.

Do you agree with this being implemented in Amsterdam and Rotterdam? Should it be compulsory elsewhere in the Netherlands too? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I find it irresponsible that this is not compulsory nationwide. The reproduction number has surpassed the “signaalwarde” long ago, the numbers of infected people are as high as they were in April last time and still nobody seems to care. Instead of using summer to get rid of it, we are providing it with fertile ground just to hit us twice as bad in fall. I already see us locked in for all of winter without being able to do anything or go anywhere.

  2. I wish that Masks would be obligatory everywhere in the Netherlands. I believe that it helps protect from the virus better than not wearing Masks!

    Masks everywhere please!

  3. It MUST be compulsory everywhere! The Dutch government is definitely ignorant and not taking responsibility to protect everyone from the dangerous situation we are in at the moment. This very clear and no excuse for that! I do not understand why a group of stupid proud d*** heads shall dictate what shall be the norm for everyone! If you want to get the virus and die, I don’t care! good luck! but I don’t want to have an increased chance of getting infected just because you stupid a** what to enjoy your f***ing freedom!


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