Kim Kardashian speaks out about Zwarte Piet

Last week, media personality and businesswoman, Kim Kardashian, spoke out against Zwarte Piet on Twitter. In the tweet, she links to an article by Al Jazeera entitled “Zwarte Piet: Black Pete is ‘Dutch racism in full display”. 

What did she tweet?

Some of the replies to the tweet included

1. “Zwarte Piet is a wonderful Dutch tradition we and our kids enjoyed while living there for 8 years. It is in no way a disrespectful act. He is the color he is as a nod to the Moors who were the helpers of St Nicholas and were often fire scorched from visiting chimneys.” – @svcltch

2. “I live in the Netherlands and I don’t have anything to do with this tradition. It’s full on racism.” – @xyseeeee

3.”How about a nice cup of shut the fuck up. Mind your own business” – @19dirky66

4. “Another ego talking about a culture she doesn’t know” – @NLSTWLK

5. “As someone who is dutch I can 100% say that you are right. It’s a very huge tradition in our country and when I was young I don’t know how bad it is but now I’m older i see how disturbing it is. Even though a lot of younger people are against it now,the tradition is still going.” – @debsimxo

More celebrities have spoken out as well

Kim Kardashian is not the only celebrity who has spoken out against the long-standing tradition. Last week, The Game and Trey Songz also called out the racism.

Waka Flaka has refused to visit the Netherlands as long as this tradition exists. On his Instagram he posted:

The tradition is very polarising in the Netherlands 

Zwarte Piet is very polarising in the Netherlands. Many people strongly disagree with the tradition whilst others think it is harmless and a creates lots of fun for the children. Some people are willing to go to great lengths to protect Zwarte Piet, such as the man who threatened to blow himself up to protect the tradition.

There’s an article if you want to know more about Sinterklaas’ arrival to your hometown.

Feature image: Naser Chawroka/Flickr 

Freya Sawbridge
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  1. Would it be racist if the African country’s had a white santa or does it only apply if you are so predigest you cant see strait when something you don’t like sends you off on a tangent .Pleasejust lets all just grow up and leave childish things to children.if you don’t like something just don’t have anything to do with it .

  2. Celebrating Sinterklass was the highlight of spending time with my Dutch grandparents. To now cut down a traditional Dutch Holiday is ridiculous. I feel that the criticism is by people who have way to much time on their hands. No one asked you to put in your two cents worth. There is enough trouble in America you can work on. By the way I’m also an American and just as proud of my American Heritage as I am my Dutch.

    • A lot of people who are disagreeing with Black Pete don’t want the tradition to dissapear. They just want it to be less racially offensive and look less like the Minstrel-act.

      Also, does anyone find it intruiging that Kim is speaking out against Black Pete. She’s a Trump supporter after all. Someone who’s not known for being politically correct.

      Someone who’s not disturbed by what Trump is saying, is disturbed by Black Pete.
      Surely someone should be able to convince her Black Pete isn’t disturbing if that is, in fact, the case.

  3. Just the right tradition for a country which gained from slavery trade. Be indeed proud of your Dutch and American heritage saskia, both benefited from it!


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