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Parenting is extremely rewarding (sometimes 😉), but let’s face it — it comes with its fair share of challenges. One of them is finding reliable childcare. 

As expats living in a foreign country, finding adequate care for your little ones can be especially tough, especially if grandma and grandpa live hundreds of kilometres away and the nearby daycare is already full.

But even as a local, it can be extremely tough. That’s where Sitly comes in.

First off, what’s Sitly?

Great question. Sitly is a platform that connects parents with babysitters and childminders in their area. 

Sitly’s website allows you to search through trusted babysitters and childminders near you, and to select your perfect candidate based on criteria such as availability, experience, and, of course, reviews. 

Finding childcare from the comfort of your couch? Sign me up! Image: Depositphotos

Basically, Sitly makes the process of finding the perfect caregiver for your family’s needs extremely simple. 💪

Here’s how it works

Sounds intriguing? It is! So, let’s see how it works in practice.

1. First, figure out your babysitting needs 💬

Before finding a sitter through Sitly, it’s important to clarify your childcare needs and wishes. 

So, sit down with your partner and ask yourself questions such as: Do we need regular help? Occasional assistance when we have a night out lined up? Or just someone who can help out in case of an emergency? 

Whatever the case, knowing what you’re looking for should be the first step in your search process.

When it comes to childcare, it’s important that you and your partner are on the same page. Image: Freepik

2. Create a profile and browse sitters in your area 🧑‍💻

Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to start your sitter search — and Sitly makes it easy as pie.

After signing up online, simply fill out a questionnaire, answering questions about: 

  • Your children (age, temperament, gender)
  • The kind of care that you need (regular or occasional)
  • The days on which you need care
  • Whether or not you need extra help with things such as homework, cooking, or driving your kids around

The whole sign-up process only takes about five minutes, and once you’ve completed it, you’re ready to find the perfect sitter for your family.

3. Find a babysitter who meets your requirements 🙋‍♂️

After you sign up, you can immediately see all the sitters near you — and let me tell you: thanks to Sitly’s hundreds of qualified sitters, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

From students to parents and from native Dutch to internationals, Sitly has babysitters of all kinds. 

Finding a babysitter has never been easier! Image: DutchReview

Say you want to find an English speaker to watch your kids, as you want them to improve their English. At the same time, you might need someone who can understand and speak your native language — just in case your little ones need it.

Well, Sitly makes it easy for you by allowing you to filter for babysitters based on their native tongue — perfect for international parents! 

4. Meet up and get to know each other 🤝

Next up, it’s a good idea to invite your prospective sitter over for a cup of coffee or meet up for a walk in a nearby park. 

It’s important to meet up in person before hiring someone to discuss things such as experience, rates, childcare expectations, and responsibilities.

Of course, a meeting is also a great opportunity to bring your kids along, and to see how the sitter gets along with them. 

5. Leave your kids with the babysitter (and have a great time!) 🤹

If all went well during your meet-up,  it’s time for a child-free night out on the town.

This part is pretty self-explanatory: after agreeing on a date and time, your babysitter will come to your house to, well, sit your kids!

Time for some fun — for you AND your kid! Image: Freepik

Make sure to leave your contact details and those of emergency contacts, give them a run-down of the kids’ evening routine… and leave.

Go out and have a blast, guilt-free — we’re sure your kids will do the same. 😅 

6. Pay your sitter 💸

When it comes time to settle the bill, you’ll pay your babysitter the hourly rate you previously agreed upon — most likely either in cash or via Tikkie.

Note that prices for babysitters may vary depending on your area, the individual sitter, and factors such as their experience and age. 

In the Netherlands, babysitting rates typically vary between €8 and €15+ per hour. 

Want to try Sitly for yourself? Here’s how

Ready to experience the convenience and reliability of Sitly? That’s great (and so worth it)! 

The best part? Coming back home to your mini-me! Image: Freepik

Sitly is a great way to connect with trusted sitters in your area hassle-free. Simply head to to get started. 

Once you’ve created your account, you can browse through profiles of sitters who match your preferences and requirements. Whether you need a last-minute sitter or regular childcare assistance, Sitly has it all.

With just a few clicks, you can send messages to arrange meet-ups or book services directly through the app. 

So why wait? Book that fancy date night today — and let your babysitter take care of the rest!

Would you ever try Sitly? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Lyna Meyrer 🇱🇺
Lyna Meyrer 🇱🇺
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