Fewer and fewer people diagnosed with HIV in the Netherlands

The total number of people diagnosed with HIV has been declining drastically in the last few years. The Netherlands is far ahead as compared to other countries for achieving the United Nations’ goal to eradicate HIV by 2030, reports NU.nl

Although GPs saw a lot more people visiting them for Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the last year, there has been a steady decline in the number of people diagnosed with HIV. Two-thirds of these diagnoses are for men who have sex with other men.

HIV/AIDS in the Netherlands

HIV is the virus that causes the body to have an infection. In Stage 3 HIV where the virus has caused severe harm to the body’s immune system, the person is said to have AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Despite having access to good healthcare, at least 20 people die every year. NU.nl says that it’s mostly because they don’t even know that they’ve been infected. However, this number too is falling.

Living with HIV in the Netherlands

According to the HIV Monitoring Foundation, there are currently about 23,300 people living with HIV in the Netherlands. The majority of this group are in treatment, and many of whom have suppressed the virus. So their life expectancy is good and it is getting harder for the virus to spread between individuals.

The introduction of the Pre-Exposition Prophylaxis pill or the PrEP pill program in August where at least 8500 gay and bisexual men have signed up will only help in making this disease and virus a thing of the past.

If you’re showing any symptoms of having contracted the infection, go to your GP immediately. Get yourself treated before it gets worse.

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Kavana Desai
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