Just moved to the Netherlands and need to get the lights on? All the info from regular companies just too much in Dutch? Well, you came to the right spot to arrange all your utilities quickly, neatly and in English (huzzah!)

Partner Pete and DutchReview are happy to team up and help you get through the bureaucratic maze of gas, light, internet and all those other luxuries we call utilities/essentials.

Despite the fact that the Dutch speak great English, that hasn’t quite translated over to setting up utilities, which can be a big problem for expats in the Netherlands. That’s where Partner Pete comes in! Partner Pete is on a mission to hook up expats with all the utilities they need in their new Dutch life in understandable English — and we are so on board.

Let’s get you hooked up!

You can read more about Partner Pete and everything they do right here. Or if you just want some more info on how utilities in the Netherlands work you can get on a call with them and they will tell you everything you want to know — no strings attached! You can plan one of those appointments right here.

But if you just want to power up quickly, then fill in this form, and our friends at Partner Pete will get you hooked up in no time!

Image: Gerrit Vermeulen on Unsplash


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