Dutch courses in the daytime, evening, or weekend? UvA Talen offers them all online AND in-class

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Learning Dutch is a challenge, one that you’re ready to embrace like a champ. Now you’re looking for the perfect course for you, but the puzzle pieces of your schedule, preferences, and class times just aren’t fitting together! 

We’ve all been there — but that’s where UvA Talen’s language courses come in.

Adding a language lesson to the list after work and studies doesn’t have to be as demanding as you think. With the right options, you don’t have to sacrifice your sleep. Instead, you can choose a Dutch course to fit your busy life.

By offering a huge variety of different training programmes, UvA Talen has something for everyone. This means you can choose which learning methods and class sessions would be best for you. 

So, let’s find your perfect fit!

With UvA Talen’s group courses, there’s always an option for you

Work the night shift? Grab a daytime class. Stuck in the office during the day? That’s what evening classes are for. Too much going on during the week to worry about de or het? Hey, leave it for the weekend! 😉 

You can make it to one of UvA Talen’s group courses in the daytime, evening or weekend. Image: Depositphotos

Despite what you’re thinking, it is possible to fit your Dutch class into your life. 

Yep, UvA Talen makes it all doable with group courses offered in the daytime, evening, or weekend — and all in 13 different languages

Hieperdepiep hoera! (Hip hip hooray!) — that will be you exclaiming with relief to have found a Dutch course with so many class options. 

Plus, if you live in the middle of an idyllic — but distant — plot of farmland, geen probleem (no problem), you can opt for a group course online. Wat leuk! All the benefits of a group class with all the cosiness of being in your own space! 

Not one to commit too easily? We get it. That’s why UvA Talen will also allow you to trial a language course during their Open Evening in September.

And while you have that fire burning in your belly to learn Dutch, there are group courses starting every month, so your motivation won’t fizzle out before you’ve begun. 🔥

Not one for groups? Take private courses catered specially for you

Are you the type of person that needs extra attention and one-on-one time while learning? Or maybe you need to focus on certain areas of the language you’re studying. 

Don’t love learning in groups? There are always private Dutch courses. Image: Freepik

Luckily, there is a way for you to perfect your learning technique with private courses at UvA Talen

Not only will their tailor-made programmes suit your level, but you’ll also be able to choose the number of hours per week that you want to spend on a language course — so you busy bees will finally be able to fit a course into your schedules. 

Private courses, such as individual and in-company training, provide you with a qualified teacher who is trained to teach your language level or specialisation. 

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To make it even better, all private training options are offered both online and in-class so if you live too far from their office in Amsterdam, you won’t miss out. It’s like the Goldilocks of language courses, you’ll find one that’s just right for you.

You know what that means? There are no excuses stopping you from perfecting your Dutch! 💪

Want to take an InTense Programme?

On the other hand, if you have some free time and can’t stand a few days sitting around twiddling your thumbs, you can spend your time acing your Dutch with UvA Talen’s InTense programme

With an InTense language course, you’ll even practise your Dutch at lunch. Image: Freepik

You’ll spend entire days perfecting your Dutch with your teacher one-on-one and immersing yourself completely in Nederlands. How, you ask? Each day will have intensive language classes, a supervised language lunch with a teacher, and an outing to one of Amsterdam’s sights. 

Throughout all of this, your teacher will speak exclusively in Dutch. This way, you have someone to practise your Dutch with and they’ll be able to correct any mistakes you make. 

Want a private course for your employees? Opt for in-company training

Do you want your employees to ace Dutch (or any other useful language, like English) in the workplace and be superstars in the field? UvA Talen offers private, tailor-made programmes to help your staff master a variety of languages in your specific sector or field.

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Wondering where the course will be held? Well, you can take your pick. 

In-company training can be done online, in UvA Talen’s classroom, or in your company’s very own office. Talk about keeping your employees in their comfort zone. 😉 But not too comfortable, the language teachers don’t do home visits.

Work at your own pace with self-guided e-learning programmes

The idea of learning Dutch can be intimidating, especially when you have to throw yourself into it after not much practice. 

That’s okay, you can always ease into it by learning Dutch online with UvA Talen’s e-learning platform, The Language Academy.

You can study Dutch your way with a self-guided online language course. Image: Freepik

The courses are self-guided, so you can learn at your own pace and spend as much or as little time as you want on different sections. All you need is your laptop and internet, and you’re good to go! 

Klaar om Nederlands te spreken? (Ready to speak Dutch?) You can always opt in for The Language Academy’s Online+Teacher package where you get to practise with a professional during your course! This package allows you to meet with a teacher 5 or 10 times during the course for conversation classes. 

If you want to finally scratch “Learn Dutch” (or another language) from your bucket list, there is no doubt that a course at UvA Talen will help you succeed in a snap. 

Got the language-learning bug? You don’t have to stop there. English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese… the list goes on. You can collect languages like stamps with the variety of different courses they offer. 

What would be the best way for you to learn Dutch? Tell us in the comments!

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Simone Jacobs
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