Amsterdam is well-known for its spellbinding views of canals and out-of-this-world cute houses. In the morning mist that blesses cold mornings, the city looks more eerie than ever in the fall. With Halloween just around the corner, I can’t help but look for magical things and places to visit during Halloween in Amsterdam.

If you, too, like to hunt for witches/ghouls/spirits/unicorns and so forth, or would like to know more about Halloween in the Netherlands, read on!

Is Halloween celebrated in Amsterdam in 2018?

Generally the Dutch don’t celebrate Halloween, as we have our own slightly different version called Sint Maarten. During Sint Maarten children don’t dress up, they instead go door to door with homemade lanterns in hopes of scoring a months’ supply of candy. However, Amsterdam being the internationally oriented city that it is, there are of course quite a few events surrounding Halloween for everyone to enjoy!

Halloween in Amsterdam: Visit the Chimera Fantasy Shop

Halloween in Amsterdam
Okay, I know, a shop isn’t the most magical place you would think of. But this is no ordinary shop. As soon as you walk in, you are transported into some kind of magical forest full of fairies, little trolls and miscellaneous objects and accessories you will love to stare at.


Breathe in the fairy dust and try to spot all the little characters and fun details sprinkled here and there for your enjoyment. This shop is a must-see for fantasy lovers, wiccans and anyone with a taste for interesting scene-setting. The shop is located on the Damstraat, right downtown.

Halloween in Amsterdam in 2018: Find a party

There’s quite a few Halloween parties in Amsterdam, especially when you take into account the Dutch don’t even celebrate Halloween! Take for instance the Helter Skelter Halloween Party taking place at the Hard Rock café. Buying a ticket will net you dinner and unlimited beer and wine for the rest of the night! There’s also a lineup of DJ’s of course.


On October 28th there’s the yearly recurring Halloween Costume Party. This year the theme is Toyland, which means you’ll have many of your childhood memories smashed together with some of the scariest outfits the Dutch can muster. Have a good time!


Halloween in Amsterdam

If parties aren’t your thing, the Amsterdam Dungeon may well be. Brace yourself! You’ll get to turn back time and witness a real-life witch-burning… Brrr! But be warned: your own magic may be found out, and punishments may ensue…

Halloween in Amsterdam in 2018: Reconnect with your familiar

Cats have been associated with witches for the longest time. They were believed to be spirits that assisted witches in practicing their craft. Amsterdam is a cat lover’s paradise; it is the home of a (rescue) cat boat, a cat café and numerous pubs with resident cat assistants.

Look how cute!
Look how cute!

Whether you prefer shopping for your cat (or your own cat-related needs) or honoring cats’ power of inspiration by visiting Amsterdam’s cat museum, you will find whatever you need to reconnect with these elusive and loving creatures.

Visit the apothecary for your magic potions

… Literally. The Jacob Hooy apothecary was established in 1743 and used to stock products such as tobacco and opium, which were used as medicine back in the day. Nowadays, Jacob Hooy is a herbalists’ shop where you can find essential oils, herbs (no, not those herbs), candy and all sorts of tea. For added effect, the shop has retained some its original decor. A must-see for potions masters.

I just love that a place that holds so much history still fulfills its original purpose. Pop in and meet fellow witches or druids; y’all could discuss your favourite magical must-haves.

Take a moonlit walk down the Prinsengracht

Magic is often found in simple places for whom has a keen eye. The Prinsengracht is one of the prettiest canals of Amsterdam. The tall, narrow houses will enchant you; so many secrets and stories of times past and present must be held in these whimsical buildings.

Taking a walk through the old town at dusk or at night is a sure way to make you feel like you have gone back in time and that maybe, just maybe, you might cross the path of a magical creature on your way.

Me, I’ll keep looking around for magic in Amsterdam – and perhaps cozy up with a cuppa and a good Halloween movie.

Where to go and what to do in Amsterdam for Halloween!



  1. No mention of the Halloween Festival, all-night horror marathon, and all the various Halloween parties and events???


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