Beheading Barbies: Rotterdam teacher accused of ‘offensive’ hobby

The private hobbies of a primary school teacher has become the topic of debate for the Rotterdam School Association; parents are even boycotting classes until something is done about it.

In the teacher’s spare time, she makes artwork out of Barbie dolls. This includes collages that feature – much to the disgust of the parents – beheaded and/or nearly naked Barbies. They do not want their children being taught by the woman in question and have since written strongly worded letters demanding that the management intervene. For the past week, around 10 children a day have been absent from class.

What does the school say?

The school director, Per Severin, is making time to talk to all those concerned in the hope to restore confidence and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Severin believes the teacher is “excellent” and that what she does in her private life is up to her, unless it is against the school’s principles. The artworks are okay, apparently. It seems that the school’s principles never mentioned anything about headless Barbies.

Sadly we cannot divulge more information on the scandal or on any of the teacher’s upcoming art exhibitions. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section!


Abigail Claire
Abigail Claire
Abbie, a writer from the UK, fell in love with the Netherlands when she was three years old. When she’s not spending her free time painting canals or playing the guitar, she’ll be off travelling somewhere (and probably getting lost).


  1. Haha! Maybe she’s doing it out of protest against the unrealistic and limiting body/beauty standards for young women and girls 😉


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