The Dutch curfew (avondklok) has been extended until March 2. However, if the number of infections continues to drop the measures may end sooner.

The Dutch cabinet has made the decision after meeting with the Outbreak Management Team this afternoon, according to people familiar with the situation in De Telegraaf.

It means that for the upcoming three weeks, including March 2, residents of the Netherlands will not be allowed to leave the house after 9 PM without a serious reason. The outgoing cabinet will announce the extension of the curfew at the end of this afternoon.

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The curfew was introduced on Saturday, January 23, and was supposed to be in effect at least until 4:30 AM next Wednesday.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte already indicated on Friday that extending the measure was an option the government had been seriously considering. The other lockdown measures remain in place.

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Image: Zoltan Tasi/Unsplash


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