The victims of the yesterday’s collision at the Pinkpop site were sitting in a circle on an unlit road. That is what two eyewitnesses say who have seen the group of festival goers. In the collision one person died and three people were seriously injured. The driver initially drove on afterwards, prompting speculation about an intended attack. After a few hours he turned himself in, which kind of proves that it wasn’t an attack since, well, terrorist don’t really turn themselves in now do they?

Sitting in a circle in the middle of the night

One of the witnesses was a taxi driver who was working on the road where the accident happened. He saw that the group was partly sitting at the roadside, partly on the road.

“I saw them sitting in a circle, they were doing a game and they had fun, I drove very carefully, because with this kind of evenings you know people are drunk.”

At one point he saw someone drive at high speed. “And later I saw the four wounded, at first I thought” maybe they’re in ‘another state of mind’, “but I saw that they were hurt.”

A DJ who worked at the festival and also drove past said this:

“They just sat there in the dark, about ten men and one girl, in a circle from the center line to the roadside, wearing dark clothes, no lights, really very dangerous, I did not understand, it was ten meters from the campsite. Why did not they sit there? “

So reading it from these points of view you kind of understand how this horrific accident happened.



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