The start of this week brought with it some major relaxations of the coronavirus measures. 

Part of the easing involved public transport resuming its normal scheduling. However, a new rule is that passengers must use face masks, or else risk receiving a fine. The NS has nevertheless stated that giving out fines on trains is not the starting point, reports NU.

Document drafted explaining to NS employees how to deal with the new measures

All travellers will now need to wear face masks and keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other. Train conductors and stewards have the power to fine those who do not respect the measures.

However, a spokesperson from the NS stated that “We are and remain a service company. A fine is a means for us, but it is never the goal. Of course, we will address travellers where necessary.”

To raise awareness of the new rules, stickers have been placed in stations reminding travellers of the different measures, such as wearing a mask. The fine for not wearing a face mask is 95 euros.

The NS does also put its trust in the individual responsibility of travellers, stating that “What we are seeing now is that most travellers really do respond to the calls and therefore follow the rules.”

Have you stocked up on face masks for your daily public transport travels? Let us know in the comments!


Feature Image: Natydphoto/Pixabay



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