Storms, storms and more storms…

Bad news for the Netherlands this week, as storms sweep across the country throughout the coming week. If most of us look out of the window now, we can see how horrendous the weather is already (definitely a blue Monday). I hate to say it, but this horrible weather today is here to stay.


For tomorrow, and also much of Wednesday, hail and wet snow is expected. There won’t be any nice white pictures of Amsterdam’s canals sadly, as the second any snow hits the ground, it will instantly melt. However, temperatures could still fall to below freezing, so make sure you wrap up warm.


This is a similar picture to Tuesday as both wet snow and hail is expected, only it will be more wide-spread across the whole country. It is also predicted that 2 – 4cm of snow could fall over the country.


Prepare for the very heavy storm! 

A severe storm is coming to the Netherlands on Thursday, predicted to cause disruption to travel. The whole country has to deal with strong gusts of wind and lots of rain all day on Thursday. Along the coast especially, winds are expected to reach 120km per hour. I think that it’s probably best if you just don’t cycle on that day, or better yet, just not leave the house at all, who needs work anyway? 😉

All hope is not lost though – it’s too early to predict the exact severity of the storm. Although it’s expected to be a big one, we won’t entirely know for sure until the time gets closer. It’s better to be prepared regardless!

Source: weerplaza

The end of the week


Luckily by the end of the week the storm should have passed, however it looks like the rain is here to stay. The good news? It may brighten up by Sunday. It is the Netherlands after all, so we can’t hold out TOO much hope.

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