After years of tulips being destroyed by tourists, the growers have understandably had enough. This year signs, banners and even crush barriers will be placed in the flower fields in the Bollenstreek. Volunteers will also be on hand to ensure that tourists aren’t damaging the tulips.

Yup, it’s really got to this point. No longer are people trusted just to take a photo and move along. With the increase in tourism, more people are coming to the bulb region and more people are feeling gutsy enough to stroll through the fields. This is crushing tulips, killing them and of course costing money.

Source: Pixabay

Will these new tactics work?

A grower told NOS that last year three hundred (yes, 300!?) people walked through a field causing damage. Also, despite signs that were put up, this grower had 10,000 euros worth of damage, so it really begs the question on whether people will actually listen. It also doesn’t take long to go on Instagram and see all those people lay in the fields for that perfect insta shot and those will never end.

However, some tourists have said that they had no idea that you weren’t allowed to set foot on the fields if there were no signs. So even if it can deter at least one person, it’s one person who isn’t causing damage.

Of course, the region wants to keep the tourists, but they have to realise that walking through the fields is not okay. So if you’re reading this now and you’re planning on going – now you know. Tulips are our friends, people.

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