A family was found hiding in a cellar on a remote farm on the Buitenhuizerweg near Ruinerwold, where they were waiting for the end of time. The mother of the children is nowhere to be found.

The family were discovered after the eldest son, 25 years old, made his way into the nearby down and arrived at a pub in Ruinerwold, according to NOS. Witnesses said he was very confused. The police were called and Mayor De Groot of De Wolden was also notified.

Father found lying in bed in cellar

Police searched the farm and discovered stairs down to the basement behind a cupboard in the living room. This was where they found the father and five other children. The father appears to have had a stroke at some point, and was in the bed.

Family found hiding in cellar were self-sufficient

The children are aged between 16 and 25 years old, and have had no contact with the outside world. The family was self sufficient, growing vegetables in the farm’s garden. They also had a goat. Neighbours said they did not know the family.


Mother of family found hiding in cellar missing

The mother of the children is nowhere to be found. It is possible that she is buried on the site. While the police search the property, and check it for fire safety, the family have been removed to a recreational park. The children might not have known there were other people in the world.

Police continue to search the property of family found hiding in cellar

The police searched the property yesterday evening and closed it off last night. They will continue to search it today, and according to a spokesperson, they are still full of questions and have a lot to investigate.

Feature Image: Politie


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