Okay, it’s a slow news day and nothing really special for the Dutch here. But Mark Rutte once again was uber-Dutch today when he spilled his coffee and got all up and in it with a bucket and a mop (okay, he knows when the cameras are rolling, but still). You won’t see Erdogan or Trump cleaning up after themselves like this:


  1. Because this has attracted so much positive attention in the world’s press it’s going to cause a problem. Now across the world’s democracies every time there is an election coming up politicians will be trying to demonstrate that they have common decency by spilling coffee and then cleaning it up themselves. And when one politician spill some coffee his political opponent will have to outdo him by spilling a whole tray of coffee and donuts so he can clean up an even bigger mess! Every politician will be trying to symbolically demonstrate their willingness to “clean up the mess” in their nation or their Parliament. Mark Rutte has no idea what he’s started. 😎


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