Twitter users have picked up their pitchforks after a man advocating for pedophilia attempted to be included in Amsterdam Pride Week. While demonstrating in Amsterdam Vondelpark over the weekend, police confiscated the man’s flyers after the public began to protest. 

“Love knows no age and should be celebrated,” is printed on the stacks of flyers. The man represents pedophile organisation “Kinderbevrijdingsfront” which campaigns for pedophilia to be widely accepted and supported.

The flyers say that Pride Amsterdam “should welcome all sexual minorities” including “nepiophiles, pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebofiles.” (We would normally link to definitions of all these, but decided to let you guys contaminate your own web history instead.)

Pride Amsterdam were approached by the activist group to join in on the Pride festivities. However, Pride Amsterdam declined. “They are not part of Pride Amsterdam. We do not want our name to be associated with this”, a Pride spokesperson confirmed to Het Parool.

The man was not arrested but police confiscated the flyers to maintain public order after passerby’s began to protest. The man left of his own accord after the confiscation and is able to pick up the flyers from the police station.


He had received permission to demonstrate in Vondelpark in advance from the Public Prosecution Service, the police and the mayor.

“This man has indicated in advance that he wants to demonstrate in the Vondelpark,” Mayor Halsema’s spokesperson told NOS. “We find his message morally reprehensible, but we do not decide on the content.”

The Twitter account @pedopride has since been suspended. Pride Amsterdam is continuing its week-long celebrations.

Feature Image: PedoPride Twitter


  1. Lou’s statement is in correct. 5 percent of the population are attracted to underage people. Very many don’t act on it due to laws and public norms. It will never change the attraction of them. Same a being gay. People who are, will always be attracted to the same type. He is expressing his feelings to many others in the same category.


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