Onlookers shocked as PostNL delivery man throws parcels onto the street

Image: Bianca Toeps/Twitter

As if you needed any more bad luck at the moment than receiving a broken mirror. A PostNL worker was caught throwing parcels out of the back of his van. 

Bianca Toeps filmed the postal worker as he dumped the parcels at Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam. She asked the delivery man if he wanted to be a bit more careful with people’s belongings, to which he responded “If you don’t want me to throw them, don’t order anything.”

Someone clearly needed their morning coffee. 😟

Toeps tweeted the video, saying “Good heavens PostNL, maybe you can pay, train and screen your staff better?!” She watched the delivery man throw a large number of parcels across the street but luckily received her order intact.

“At first I thought his cart had accidentally overturned,” she told AD, “but this is his daily working method.”

Response from PostNL

PostNL replied to Toeps’ tweet saying “of course this is unacceptable.” A PostNL representative told AD that “the delivery person in question has been spoken to about this behaviour. If this happens again, steps will be taken towards that person leaving the company.”

What do you think of this novel delivery method? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: Bianca Toeps/Twitter


  1. In our case post nl leave the packages in the elevator, yes, very kind they tell you that they will. For my birthday I was expecting a special purchase and it toured the entire building until a neighbor very ably brought it to my door.

  2. I worked on post nl… In warehouse in venlo… Every package is trated the same when it must be placed on conveyabelt…. To be sorted….
    I don t recomand post nl… Nobody cares about your package


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