The Dutch lockdown often feels like a balancing act in a circus. The latest routine: an extension of the lockdown, but some greater freedoms around sport and shopping. 

The Netherlands could see some major easings of current coronavirus regulations, according to insiders close to government ministers and reports by RTL Nieuws. This could see terraces reopen just in time for a biertje in the sun.

But (and there’s always a but), the government will extend the lockdown for a further two weeks beyond March 15 before the main measures can be relaxed — and still only if infection numbers fall further.

Some minor relaxations from next week

There is another bright side: if you’re looking for a little taste of greater freedoms, some small changes may be implemented from Monday next week

To start, stores may be allowed to reopen to more people. Currently, only one person is allowed per floor of the shop. Under the changes, the number of people allowed in a store will depend on the number of square metres the store has. However, the exact specifications of this are yet to be decided.

Anyone feeling jealous of the people who, due to being 27 years old or younger, are allowed to play team sports can take a chill pill. Those older than 27 may be able to take part in outdoor sports under the new measures.

Finally, children may be allowed to attend swimming lessons again — a vital activity considering the amount of sloten and canals in the Netherlands (seriously, the Dutch are big on swimming lessons for this very reason!)

What measures would you like to see relaxed? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: Arturo Ray/Unsplash



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