Ryanair pilots in the Netherlands have decided to strike for 24 hours starting this Friday. Here is why they have decided to do so and if the strike could possibly affect your travel plans.

Why are Ryanair pilots in the Netherlands on strike

Nearly 100 pilots working for Ryanair are going on strike this Friday. Their protest is over disputes about seniority, annual leave arrangements and transfers of flight crew between European and North African bases. Pilots from the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, and Sweden are participating in this strike. However, Ryanair is going to appeal to judges in Haarlem on Thursday in an attempt to avert the Dutch strike from taking place. This bid is only being made towards the pilots’ strike in the Netherlands, which has cause outrage among Dutch pilots. They are accusing Ryanair of being the first European airline to have gone to court to prevent industrial action.

Will your Ryanair flight be affected by the strike?

Because of the strike, around 400 flights might be cancelled on Friday. The strike will mostly affect passengers flying from the airport in Eindhoven. However, it is still not certain if flights on Friday will proceed if the judges in Haarlem accept Ryanair’s appeal. So if by any chance you are flying on Friday with Ryanair, you might want to double check if your flight has been cancelled or not.

What is your opinion on the strike of Ryanair pilots in the Netherlands? Will your flight be affected? Let is know in the comments below!


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