My Escape Club: your key to escape room fun in Amsterdam

Escaping reality is an interesting component of the human condition. If you could jump into a book or movie, would you? If so, we have found the solution for you right here at My Escape Club: your key to escape room fun in Amsterdam. You can live out your fantasies and it is perfect for adrenaline junkies.

Have you ever thought of piecing together the mind of a mad genius? Or perhaps exploring an ancient temple on a quest for lost treasures? What about breaking out of a bunker? Located 5 minutes from Leidseplein and Museumplein as well as near the Heineken Experience museum, it is a fun, thrilling, magical yet safe experience.

If this is all ‘too long, didn’t read’ then check out how the DutchReview team did at My Escape Club!

Escape rooms are designed to challenge your mind, pump adrenaline through your veins and turn on your survival instincts, resulting in an incomparable feeling of achievement. Search for signs, solve conundrums, experience the spirit of true camaraderie, dig out secrets and eventually escape! Some call it hell, some call it fun. Why not give it a go?

“Besides all this fun – why should we be escaping anyway?”

When My Escape Club asked us to stop by the DutchReview team did the legwork for you so that you know what you’re (literally) in for when you’re going to My Escape Club.

And it’s not just pure fun too – all of these escape rooms are great for team building. They are particularly amazing for families or for corporate teams to strengthen the bond between co-workers. Recently, companies have used the escape rooms to assess the teamwork skills and problem-solving skills of their employees (as well as potential applicants for a job!).

You will be given hints or pulled out of the game if ever you cannot figure it out, so don’t worry, you will not be trapped there. There is also a big red stop button in every escape room. After solving one (spoilers!), you receive a bonus classic Russian chocolate bar as well.

Go “Back to USSR” (this is the safest option!) in this escape room in Amsterdam

Step into the magical world of a nutty Russian scientist…

The first escape room experience we explored is called “Back to USSR”. This is wonderful for families as it is easy compared to the other rooms. It is also not scary, unlike one of the rooms that will be mentioned later. Read on to discover just how creepy one of the rooms can be.

ussr Russian code
Can you crack the code?

All rooms come with an intriguing backstory and so does this one! Here it goes:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for a crazy Russian scientist? (Really? Um… Ok.) Well, here is your chance. The strange Doctor Korobeynikov’s life mission is to work on the greatest invention of all time (in his opinion, not sure how lucid this guy is so don’t take our word for it). We have to warn you that none of his assistants have lasted very long. We don’t know what happened to them. Apparently they were stressed and then disappeared? Willingly or unwillingly, who knows… If you pass this challenging test, perhaps you stand a chance at this job.

ussr code antique
Check out this awesome tech!

This adventure is split into two rooms and is great for code aficionados. You need to find eight codes and they all have three digits. It can hold two to five people and lasts 60 minutes. It was a great introduction for the team and it is highly recommended that you begin with this one if you are an escape room beginner. If you are an expert, jump (or crawl) straight to the following ones.

crawlspace tunnel bunker
Ivaylo is brave enough to get into the crawlspace first!

Judgement Day (the best escape room in Amsterdam we’ve encountered pretty much ever)

videogame bunker army
Imagine being immersed in a video game!

This one is not recommended for claustrophobics as there is a part where you get locked in! Yes, really… Now picture this. During a raging war in the year 2029, the human race is losing the battle against artificial intelligence. Our worst nightmare has come true! Come to think of it, we should have listened to those experts… However, we managed to locate a secret out-of-service bunker. The only thought that crossed my mind was: I am so glad I am not in the army. I would have been totally useless. But if you are good at solving difficult situations, then this will probably be the closest you will ever feel to being in an epic Hollywood movie.

This adventure was incredibly well scripted. The technology and bunker were extremely realistic. Therefore, the video that was shown really made us feel immersed in the experience. It felt like we were in a movie or a video game (watch out for the “explosive” surprise at the very end). There were several rooms and the set-up was the most intricate one we’ve ever encountered. The countdowns, as well as the varied flashing and colourful lights, stimulated our senses. It can accommodate 2 to 6 players and lasts 75 minutes. Army clothes are even provided!

army video game bunker escape room
Freya was a boss at solving the endless enigmas.
High tech puzzles!
Why don’t you press the red button?
Freya and I try to figure out the clues!

The Curse: a sinister escape room in Amsterdam for you to enjoy

scary room dungeon
I skipped this escape room because she can’t handle anything scary! You have been warned…

Do you like scary movies? Well, then this is perfect for you. Peer into an old and eerie Amsterdam house. Put on a black cloak and take part in a dark ritual. Imagine you are in a mansion so frightening that all the local residents are aware of the ominous whispered rumours and refuse to go near it. Will you be able to find your way out of here? How do you know this is not a real curse?

scary escape room
Abuzer, Freya and Ivaylo were brave enough to step into the most spooky room at My Escape Club. Check out the robes!

One of the team members thought this was bad juju and refused to do it (aka – me!). I also did not do this one because it is such a realistic and hair-raising experience. Once completed, the others said it was a strange (but exciting) feeling. They emphasised that if they had not been guided through it, they would have been terrified. Spooky! Up for a challenge? Go for it. It can hold up to five players and lasts 75 minutes on average.

spooky skeleton death
This is what happens if you don’t manage to escape The Curse…

Steampunk Adventure: perhaps this was the most beautiful escape room in Amsterdam

You need to be a little fit for this one! But with all your practice on bikes, you are going to be just fine.
brain scientist crazy
Ah, so this is what brain soda would look like…

Welcome to (probably) the most charming escape room in Amsterdam. Do you like novels by Herbert Wells or Jules Verne? The DutchReview team consists of book lovers so this was a truly bewitching universe. You will literally have to piece together the five senses of a nutty but brilliant scientist. Welcome to his newest creation: the Time Machine. Unfortunately, you have not reached the right destination and you find yourself in a parallel dimension: the world of Steampunk. Will you ever be able to get back to your original existence?

typewriter writer old school
This could be part of a movie set… Stunning picture of an old fashioned typewriter. Or perhaps that is just the writer in me!

Set in the 1800s, this was a truly beautiful experience due to the antique-looking furniture and stunning mechanical movements. It was like a moving art installation and an absolute beauty to behold due to its astonishing attention to detail. The story was very original and made us really believe in time travel. Every human sense was explored in our quest to give the insane scientist the gift of immortal life. It can accommodate up to five players and lasts 75 minutes.

colour lights tech
Get ready to get your mind blown in this escape room… The tech is turned into a piece of art.

Virtual Reality Experiences

This is not an escape room. This is Free Roam Virtual Reality, a fully immersive and lifelike virtual experience. High-quality image and very stable full-body tracking with the cutting edge HTC Vive equipment is used.

The HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset that utilises “room-scale” tracking technology that allows users to move in a 3D space whilst using motion-tracked handheld controllers to interact with the environment. Special gear is utilised to combine virtual reality and haptic technologies are used to enrich your experience. Sounds awesome? Definitely is, welcome to the future!

My Escape Club has a few games for you and your mates to play, but mowing down zombies is what we all want to do! Everyone dreams of shooting down a bunch of pesky zombies right? Thanks for the idea, Hollywood!

tech virtual reality
Freya inspects the state-of-the-art tech that will help her annihilate some pesky zombies!

Zombie Warriors

This is not for the faint of heart and is even more frightening than The Curse experience (but also more awesome!). If you can handle it, it is a perfect Halloween or birthday idea or otherwise also.

In “Zombie Warriors”, your friends and you will fight the zombies in a carefully created post-apocalypse setting. You are not just communicating with your teammates, you can heal other players and you can shoot them (virtually, of course). You can also feel zombies touching you due to the high tech full-body gear. Can you believe it? Also, watch out for the dark surprise halfway through the game.

It is recommended to do this in small groups of 2 or 3 and it lasts 45 minutes. The state-of-the-art full-body gear allows you to feel the bullets during the game. Your teammates can also heal you by tapping on your shoulder. This innovative technology enables you to have a truly immersive experience. This is also great for companies that want a team-building experience based on trust (and yeah, killing zombies!)

What is the fastest time on record for the completion of an escape room?

A team of five once only took 35 minutes. However, one of the members had experience in over 300 escape rooms (no pressure, though. Ha).

Help me, I’m scared of going to an escape room in Amsterdam!

What if we get stuck?

You will be given the chance to ask for help in every single escape room. Staff will try to not give you direct instructions on the following steps. They will attempt to provide you with clues instead to show you the right way forward.

Can I do this if I am not a great problem solver?

No specific knowledge is required, just read the information they will send you after the booking or immediately prior to the game start. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Occasionally you might need to crawl, jump or maybe dance.

Can I bring kids or is it a danger zone?

More information is provided for people that tend to worry (like me) click here.

Who came up with this sensational Escape Room Club in Amsterdam?

Sergei and his partners, who have already built loads of other escape rooms, love this field and created these spine-tingling escape rooms in Amsterdam.

If you haven’t heard, escape rooms by different companies have a huge and enthusiastic following all over the world. There is even a movie about it!

Excited about visiting these escape rooms in Amsterdam?

We are sure that you can’t wait to try these experiences now. It is important to warn the staff if you have any pre-existing health conditions. And no alcohol beforehand, although you can definitely drink some afterward. The endorphins rushing through you prior to your night out will definitely add a kick to your evening.

Every escape room is best played in comfortable clothes and no high heels. If you are pregnant or have any symptoms like panic attacks, claustrophobia, epilepsy, etc., please inform them before the game. They offer to adapt your session to exclude special effects which can result in any discomfort. How thoughtful!

To book an experience and for more information on the pricing, click here. (They will give you a 10% discount in case you have a birthday or you can present a valid student ID.)

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday (12:00 – 22:00)
Saturday to Sunday (11:00 – 23:00).

Have you ever been to an escape room in Amsterdam or elsewhere before? How did it feel? Let us know in the comments below!

Francine Zauner
Francine Zauner
Born and raised in Asia, Francine has lived 20 years in Hong Kong and 6 years in Bali. She is French and Chinese, which has given her the ability to understand individuals from various cultures. She is passionate about writing, journalism, teaching and philanthropy. She is also dedicated to environmental and charity projects in order to create a better world. Francine is a Native English Teacher and has a CertTESOL qualification from Trinity College London. She has a Diploma of Journalism (ICI, UK) and received the Highest Mark in the world for her AS Level English Language and Literature exam (2012). Francine spends her days eating bitterballen and finding out which Dutch festival is happening next.


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