Lowlands Festival 2018: 7 must-see artists this year

Going to Lowlands festival 2018?

Well, it’s time to get festive for Lowlands festival 2018!

Festivals no longer just cater for the music fiends these days and that’s why everyone who finds themselves living in the Netherlands should experience Lowlands at least once. Whether you’re into music, art, piercings, wine, food or yoga, you’ll be guaranteed to have a ripping time escaping the canals for a long weekend of sun and socialising.

The three-day festival, where you party alongside another 60 odd thousand punters takes place in Biddinghuizen, a short drive or train ride North-East of Amsterdam. And, as with all successful music and performing art festivals the program includes acts covering all types of genres, which makes it the perfect location to meet, greet, kiss, hug and chew the ear off people from all over the world.

For those lucky enough to have a ticket for 2018 festival, we’ve decided to share with you five must-see acts that you might not have heard of, and two absolute non-negotiables.

People you must see:

1. Little Simz

First up is Little Simz. The North London rapper born Simbiatu Ajikawo takes on the Heineken stage at 14:30. A 24-year-old rapper who started by releasing mixtapes as far back as 2010 and has continued her steady rise as one of the UK’s best rap and hip-hop exports. After releasing two full-length LPs in 2015 and 2016 Little Simz is now being recognised all across the globe for her deep beats, honest lyrics and sparkling live performances. Even if hip-hop’s not your thing, this is a set not to be missed.

2. The Mauskovic Dance Band

At the perfect time of 15:30 Sunday in the Lima tent this set is sure to have you shaking your hips and stomping your feet. Already in their short time performing, The Mauskovic Dance Band has gathered a strong following of body boogieing locals here in the Netherlands who are always keen dance like nobody’s watching. The band find their inspiration from everything from African beats, guitar jams all the way to Latin jangles. Don’t forget your comfortable shoes here as there’ll be no time for standing still when band hit’s fifth gear.

3. Peggy Gou

One of the hottest properties in dance music at the moment, Korean born Peggy Gou is not only impressing your standard disco-loving lunatic, she’s also being heralded as a must-see act by her peers, most notably here in Amsterdam by our very own soul shaman San Proper. Peggy will transport you seamlessly through her eclectic sets of thumping house beats, titillating techno and trippy acid beats. You’ll find her Sunday night in the India tent after Floating Points at 22:30 delivering and delighting lowlanders from all walks of life.

Lowlands festival 2018
Lowlands Festival 2018: a go-to festival!

4. Protomartyr

The post-punk 4-piece Protomartyr started out as a bunch of likeminded mates casually playing in and around the Detroit rock scene. However, it wasn’t too long before the crew quickly found a cult-like following in the US, then not long after the release of their first LP ‘No Passion All Technique’ they were sort-out by booking agents all across the world. Now, four successful LP releases in, the band are more popular than ever thanks to their delivery of intense live shows full of heavy baselines and raw scowling lyrics. Do your best to get across to the India stage at 15:45 Friday, even if it is just to view frontman Casey’s rare stage presence.

5. Motor City Drum Ensemble

Hailing from Germany and at just 33 years old, the once boy, now man known as Motor City Drum Ensemble has a selection of records that almost any music fan would love to get their hands on. MCDE’s innate ability to read and understand his crowd enables him to throw down sets like no other. Blending his love of soul, jazz and house music you can be guaranteed that when he’s spinning you’ll be throwing down your best helicopters. Learning his craft playing alongside the likes of Sadar, Theo and other Chicago heavyweights. The Bravo stage at 2:30 is a place where you’ll want to come early Saturday morning.

6. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

If you think it’s a mouthful to say the name King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard just try and describe the set to your friend’s post-Lowlands. These lads from Coastal Victoria have no boundaries when it comes to delivering tunes, videos, merchandise or most importantly, their live shows. It’ll be slow, fast somewhere in between. It’ll be loud, soft and sometimes even robotic. One thing that you’ll be able to count on catching the show is energy, both form the band and the crowd around you. Hit up the fellas at 20:30 Sunday on Bravo stage and you’ll be sure to walk away sweaty, smelly and with more adrenaline running through your veins than Lance Armstrong on Bastille Day.

Lowlands festival 2018
Will you be sat here at Lowlands Festival 2018?

7. Patti Smith

Very little needs to be said here, the queen of punk, the poet extraordinaire and the once Maplethorpe model Patti Smith. Up there with the all-time greats she still owns the stage and captivates audiences worldwide much like good friends Neil and Bruce. Ever since her live debut, Patti has always been a must-see for music lovers throughout the world and this still rings very true today. With her sets covering her countless releases and with Patti not afraid of playing crowd favourites or the odd cover, it would be in your best interest to tick this one off the list. Rumours lately have been circulating that her years of endless touring are slowly winding down, Biddinghuizen this August is the perfect time for you to finally see one of the greatest performers of our time. You can catch Patti at 16:30 on the Bravo stage Sunday.

And there it is, a few suggestions of what to look out for come the third weekend of August if you’ve scored yourself a ticket to Lowlands Festival 2018. Party hard, party safe and don’t forget to look after your mates!

Are you going to Lowlands Festival 2018? Let us know in the comments!

Dane Harney
From Melbourne to Amsterdam going on 5 years and with a slight obsession for all things music. Dane also likes to think he takes his food, conversations and games of sjoelen seriously.


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