2020 is coming to an end so please bear with us while we continue to deliver bad news. It’s still raining. And it will continue to rain for the next week. 

To elaborate, following the 50mm of rain that fell in the northwest yesterday, there will be further showers today. This is the case for the northwest where further strong showers will fall and there will be a risk of thunderstorms.

The rest of the country won’t be feeling left out however, with scattered showers afflicting most of the country today. Temperatures will remain at around 14 degrees.

There will also be moderate to strong south-westerly winds so as to ensure that we feel a nip in the air. It’s the Netherlands, you can’t have rain without a bit of wind to take out your umbrella!

The sun will remain nonchalant, as Buienradar puts it, “only now and then is the sun involved.”

Rain for the week

The rest of the week will be uncreative, copying Monday and Tuesday’s weather to a tee. There will be scattered showers and a risk of thunderstorms throughout the week.

Temperatures will sit mostly at that ever-present 14 degrees, however, on Friday we may experience a balmy temperature of 17 degrees. So you may look forward to the sensation of being both damp and sweaty as a special end-of-week treat.


Will you be bothering to step outside your doors this week? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Vlad Chetan/Pexels


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