The RIVM has published the latest count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands, for today, June 5.

As of Monday this week, access to tests became more readily available for all people who have corona-related complaints, so it’s interesting to see how the number of active cases develops.

With this in mind, 210 more cases of coronavirus have been reported in the Netherlands, reaching a total of 47,152 cases ever since the outbreak began back in February. Yesterday there was an increase of 209. It’s fair to say that most of us here were frankly expecting a bigger surge in the number of cases with testing becoming more widely available. But the numbers might still go up faster as the days pass and more test results come in.

Severe cases of coronavirus lead to 11 people ending up in the hospital. Unfortunately, the virus continues to claim lives. Sadly 15 more people have passed away due to the virus, leading to 6,005 casualties throughout the country.

Number of corona patients in the ICU continues to decrease

Slowly but surely there are fewer patients in the intensive care units. Just a 113 remain, while yesterday it was a 116.

In case you’re wondering how many people have been cured of coronavirus in the Netherlands, well, nobody really knows – check out our article on that matter.


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