Research agency Ipsos recently conducted a survey that revealed that most Dutchies want to be vaccinated if an effective vaccine becomes available. But there are some that don’t want any vaccine, and some that are still on the fence about it.

According to the survey, 13% of the Dutch do not want to be vaccinated, and 16% are unsure. That means a majority of 70% of Dutch people want to be vaccinated when a suitable vaccine in available, reports AD.

The main reasons for those choosing not to take the vaccine are concerns over safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, as well as a fear of the side-effects. Almost half also opt out based on fundamental considerations, besides religious ones.

Of those who are against vaccines in general, 87% would also refuse to take a coronavirus vaccine.

Prototype vaccine

Leiden University Medical Center, PRAHealthSciences in Groningen and the UMC Utrecht have started testing a potential new vaccine. 135 people have volunteered as test subjects, who will receive three injections of the vaccine.

Marc Bonten, medical microbiologist and principal investigator of the Utrecht part of the research, was pleasantly surprised by the number of participants. “The mailbox was overflowing with messages from people who want to participate in the study. We therefore have enough participants. It’s great to see that people are willing to cooperate so quickly in the testing of a vaccine.”

The prototype vaccine will be tested in two phases. Phase one will take place in Belgium and the US, and will test for the safety of the drug. In phase two, healthy people are vaccinated and followed for a year to monitor possible effects.


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