Europe’s longest heated cycle path

It looks like the Netherlands is being all innovative again and creating Europe’s longest heated cycle path. It may even be the biggest in the world (but that can’t be confirmed just yet). This new cycle path will cut travel time and also avoid snow and ice.

So, where is it going to be?

There are plans for the cycle path to go between Arnhem and Wageningen and it will be heated via the local paper plant. This means that in the winter months, snow will not collect on the 1.7km path and will make commutes much easier. It’s also going to cut the distance between both cities by 600 metres. Clever, huh? And it’s coming to us soon! It’s set to be ready for when winter begins in 2019. So not only are the Dutch innovative and clever as hell, but pretty swift too.

Europe's longest heated cycle path
Here’s where it’s going to be!

Beware of the frogs…

Due to fact it’s cutting through Jufferswaard nature reserve, there has been concerns that if there was a large heated cycle path, that wildlife are going to love a little nap on it. That’s obviously going to be an issue, because no ones wants to run over the wildlife or fall off their bike whilst avoiding them. Not good.

Gelderland will be monitoring the cycle paths, so they say. So hopefully this will be avoided.

This isn’t the first time the Netherlands has been praised for it’s innovative look at cycling (after all the Dutch are freaking pros at it). Check out this video of how the Dutch are cycling into the future!

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