Dutch company will be the first in the world to sell lab-grown meat

Lab-grown meat will be here by 2021

Mosa meat from Maastricht, started working on the first lab-grown meat 5 years ago. Now it has received extra funding in order to begin the selling process. They are aiming to begin to sell this meat exclusively to restaurants in 2021, and producing on an industrial scale by 2023. So far they have raised over 7.5 million euros from companies including Bell Food group (meat processing company), and M Ventures (German Pharmaceuticals company). In the past, they’ve also received 1 millions euros from Sergey Brin (Google co-founder). That’s a lottttta dollar!


When you realise a burger actually tastes like a burger…




Lab-grown meat is made by taking a sample of cells from a live animal, which are then fed with nutrients, and it eventually grows to form muscle tissue. These pieces of muscle tissue are then minced and made into the perfect burger! Pretty cool (or creepy), huh? This is probably going to take off – with the rise of people turning to ethical eating and the worry with global warming. So who knows, soon we might be chowing down on a laboratory-made burger very soon. The question is, would you be interested in trying it?

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  1. I really like the idea, however the tech is still very expensive. I hope they’ll find a way to produce it cheaper so we can finally stop torturing animals and discontinue fucking up the planet.


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