Mommy approved: here are some of the best spots to take your kids in The Hague

It is not hard to picture: you have just arrived in a new city, a new country and a new everything. You have no idea where you can take your little one to burn some energy so that he/she sleeps and preferably doesn’t burn down the house — I mean, so they can have some fun, of course!

Luckily, if you happen to live in The Hague, there are plenty of places where your young kids can run free and have an awesome time.

Koningsplein — perfect for both young and old

A great location near the city centre, Koningsplein is essentially a very big roundabout in the heart of a cute neighbourhood (which happens to have the same name). The speeltuin (playground) features swings, slides and some other more complex equipment (those are for older children).

You can also play ping-pong, have a soccer match or enjoy a good read from the little mini library available to everyone. It has a lot of space and a huge fence all around it, so you can rest assured that the children will not run away (or at least not that easily).

Paleistuin — for the picturesque playground

The Palace Garden was originally landscaped at the request of Frederik Hendrik (son of William of Orange) for his mother in the seventeenth century. It rests behind Noordeinde Palace (the King’s workplace) and right next to the Royal Stables.

We’re loving the vibes here. Image: Oseveno/Wikimedia Commons/CC3.0

Nowadays, it is a public park open every day from sunrise to sunset where you can find a cute playground, a pond, loads of space to run around and have a picnic (when the weather allows it, duh) and perhaps even a quiet bench in the sun while your small human enjoys.

Scheveningen bosjes — for the accessible nature

This one is not precisely a playground (although it actually has one somewhere in there), but the real appeal is just walking around a giant forest and recharging in pure nature.

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While you do this, your offspring can also have a great time in the scooter, mini-bike or just strolling around. If you manage, you can even drink your morning cappuccino and relax beneath the trees. Mommy approved seal of approval.

Madurodam — for the interactive attractions

The theme park where you can visit the Netherlands in miniature and discover Dutch culture and heritage. All of this with interactive attractions and a couple of playgrounds that turn out perfect for a day of family fun!

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Take a walk among the most beautiful palaces, canals and even Schiphol Airport in one single day. You can also have your child’s birthday party here. Granted, it is not the cheapest of spots, but it is worth it (ok maybe once or twice, let’s not get carried away).

Prins Hendrikplein — fun for the parents and the kids

Whenever you find that cosy area you just keep going back to, that is when you know you have found something special. This is the case for yet another great area in the heart of one of the coolest neighbourhoods, Zeeheldenkwartier.

How can a child resist? Image: Akbar Simonse/Wikimedia Commons/CC2.0

It features a big fountain in the middle where kids can have fun getting wet (only during the “summer”, clearly); and has plenty of room for them to play around.

There is a small farmer’s market on Thursdays where you can find bio/organic products such as fruit, nuts, cheese and eggs. Perhaps a downside is it is not fenced.

Zeeheldentuin — for the pirate ship!

A couple of blocks next to Prins Hendrikplein, in Tasmanstraat, you can find a small hidden gem called Zeeheldentuin (the garden of the heroes of the sea). It is basically the front of a building turned into a medium-sized garden, that also has an orchard, a picnic area and a playground space with a wooden pirate ship that can easily blow any toddler’s mind.

Open every day, everyone is invited to go in and play with all the toys just lying around. Mommy approved seal of approval+!

Beach clubs

Even though this does not refer to a specific place, I wanted to leave some room to tell you about that magical time during July and August where you can hang out in beach clubs (provided you always bring a sweater just in case).

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A lot of them have slides, tumblings and swings out in the sand for the little ones to enjoy while the not so little ones toast to another great summer alongside the Dutch coastline. Do not forget to bring jackets and blankets as well; it can get pretty chilly and windy no matter how warm the day starts. All I can say is gezellig.

There are probably many more sweet spots for you and your kids to discover in this beautiful city, so I will just keep looking!

What are some of your favourite places for kids in The Hague? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: scottwebb/Pixabay

Laila Robles Martínez
Laila is a journalist born and raised in Mexico City, and has lived in Canada (a semester in high school counts, right?), Spain (where she met the love of her life and completed her Master’s Degree in Humanities) and most recently, The Netherlands. She has great passion for exploring new cultures, mothering her beautiful three-year-old son, tasting all kinds of vegan treats and, of course, writing.

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