The pandemic itself, together with the measures taken to slow down its course, can get really stressful. These are dire times, you feel it, we feel it, only our cats are just there – oblivious like always. Anyways, as an Italian in the Netherlands, quite worried about my country and stressed out like everybody else, I need a coping mechanism. Also, laughing is healthy and can actually help the immune system. So here are some funny memes to help you cope with all the COVID-19 craziness!

[Note that we are not taking the situation as a joke. Far from it. I know people are dying and I’ve cried myself sometimes too thinking how my beautiful Rome is a ghost town. But since it’s almost impossible to have a conversation about anything else, let’s try to stay a bit cheerful! If you don’t want to partake, best click away]

1. 2020 is challenging us.

2. Let’s be smarter than dinos!

3. Millennial virus

4. If you are in desperate need of toiletpaper, some Dutchies can hook you up

5. Look the letters are back in Amsterdam!


6. Social distancing rocks!

Credit: Vincenzo Zoda

7. Metamorphosis


8. Ah the relaxed Dutch approach of a few days ago (seems ages now)



9. How are those Skype lessons going?

10. Old but gold

Credit: 9gag

Of course, there’s tons of other stuff as well. Here’s something from my home country:

Stay safe all! #flattenthecurve #washyourhands


* We tried our utmost best to find the creative owners of this material. Under Dutch copyright law, for parody, almost anything is allowed. However, if you are the copyright holder, please contact DutchReview through any available channel


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