Amsterdam set to build thousands of new homes over the next few years

Over the next 7 years, Amsterdam plans on building 52,500 new homes, taking us up to the year 2025. This is certainly a historically large construction plan and very ambitious. However, this is just a target and they are worried that a shortage of construction workers may halt the process or make it take longer.

How will they do this then?

Well, they’ve technically set themselves a much larger target than this, knowing full well that some are likely to fall through. They have made plans for 73,093 new homes, with a hope to meet the 52,500 targets, to make wriggle room for delays and other issues. The aim is to build 7,500 per year and the remaining houses built in the years after that.


20,000 will be privately owned properties, with 24,000 being social housing properties. 12,000 will have middle-range rental prices and 8,500 typical Amsterdam rental prices.

Housing shortage

This is, of course, to relieve the housing shortages in the capital and try and balance out the books in terms of crazy rental prices and shortages in social housing properties. These will be spread out around the whole city and won’t just be concentrated in one area. We’ve already spoken about Rotterdam’s temporary homes – so the government is definitely trying to do something to relieve the whole situation. House prices are rocketing and fewer people are able to both purchase and rent a decent home.

house key

In order to attract more construction workers, a priority arrangement is currently in the works for them. This means the construction workers, along with teachers and health workers, will receive priority when applying for one of these properties. This is not finalised yet. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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Emma Brown
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