New homes are coming to Rotterdam

Rotterdam is set to have more homes soon. As already used in both Amsterdam and Leiden, Rotterdam will have between 1500 and 3000 ready-to-use temporary housing. This is intended to relieve the housing market, which is currently in a bit of a crisis.


How much will they cost?

Let’s just say that it’s MUCH cheaper than some of us are used to. To rent one of these will cost around 600 euros per month and they will be available to rent for 10 years. There is a hope that it will relieve the housing market and give homes to people in need, young people, single person households and basically anybody who would want a small home.

They will be built on land that was already destined to be housing, yet has halted for whatever reason. Certain criteria will be met to ensure that some people will get priority when looking for these homes.

We should expect to see them popping up from next year. So if you’re having difficulty in finding a new place right now, hopefully, it should get a lot easier soon.

What do you think about this new strategy to combat the housing shortages? Let us know in the comments. 



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