This international school works with MIT and UNICEF: meet Nord Anglia

When you’re choosing a school for your children, you’re laying the first stepping stone on the path to their future. As an international parent entrusted with this task, how are you sure you’re making the best decision when unfamiliar with the Dutch school system

It’s actually easier than it seems! At least if you choose a school that not only helps kids obtain great academic results but is also experienced in tailoring its offers to international families.  

Introducing Nord Anglia International School Rotterdam

A school with 60-plus years of experience, the Nord Anglia International School Rotterdam (NAISR) offers classes for 3 to 18-year-olds from Early Years education through to Year 13. 👨‍🎓

While the school’s building is framed by the quiet and green neighbourhood of Hillegersberg in Rotterdam, our chat with NAISR made it clear that their reach extends far beyond the bustling port city. 

For families not living in the surrounding neighbourhoods, NAISR offers a door-to-door bus service — making travelling to school from The Hague, Delft, or anywhere else in the area a breeze! 

So now that you’ve made your first acquaintance with NAISR, let’s take a closer look at what your child’s schooling could look like.

Imagine how pretty these surroundings will look with leaves on the trees! Image: Paul Pacey/Supplied

How NAISR supports learning and development — from learning to read, to finding the dream university

At NAISR, teachers use a personalised approach that makes every student feel heard and supported. Together with carefully crafted curricula and engaging co-curricular activities, your child’s years at NAISR will prepare them not only for entering the academic world but also for succeeding far beyond it. 💪    

How does NAISR facilitate all that? Through the Early Years Programme, tailored for the youngest students, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme for 16-18 year-olds. We sat down with NAISR’s passionate teachers to learn more. 

NAISR’s Early Learning Programme: setting your kids up for success

The Early Years Learning Programme at NAISR introduces children from the age of three to school life in a fun, active, and (most importantly) child-led way.

Sitting down with some of the Early Years teachers almost made me wish I was a child again because — oh man — they made school sound really fun. 😍 

Enrolling your children in NAISR’s Early Years Programme is vastly different from putting them in a regular nursery. How? The team of dedicated teachers follows the students’ interests to create meaningful topic-based experiences — which are then tied to traditional school subjects such as literacy or maths. 

This child-led approach to teaching cultivates the young students’ curiosity and sets them up for their future school lives by making them, well — love school! 

The results? 

According to the teachers, the research-based curriculum, combined with NAISR’s unique approach, make children who’ve completed an Early Years education better at understanding and regulating their emotions. They’re able to express themselves in a more constructive way and have an overall better toolkit for succeeding as they transition into the next phase of their lives.

Who wouldn’t want to learn in a classroom setting like this? Image: Paul Pacey/Supplied

The IB and pre-IB Programmes at NAISR

Next, we spoke with one of NAISR’s passionate IB teachers and immediately saw that there are seven main things that make completing the IBDP at NAISR a unique experience. 

But first things first, what is the IBDP? The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a two-year internationally renowned programme for students aged 16-19. It’s taught at 3,421 schools throughout 157 countries. 

With so many IB World Schools to choose from, what makes NAISR so special?

A close-knit community 

With two classes doing the IBDP at a time (those in Year 12, and those in Year 13), the small class groups allow for a true sense of community at NAISR. 

Students come to school every day and meet recognisable faces: friends. 🥰 Naturally, this creates a lot of student to student support, both between peers in the same small cohort and between the different year groups.

Small student to teacher ratios

Additionally, small class sizes allow students and teachers to really connect. With a teacher to student ratio of between 1:8 and 1:10, teachers get to know their individual students and can truly give them the attention and support they need.

Become part of the NAISR community! Image: Paul Pacey/Supplied

The Global Campus platform 

While the size of cohorts in the school building is small, students have the opportunity to expand their network through the Global Campus platform. From targeted university planning with counsellors in their desired universities to personal development courses and mental health resources, the Global Campus helps NAISR’s IB students make connections and draw on knowledge from across the world.

“The benefit of being part of Nord Anglia Education is that, while we have a small cohort in school, we are part of an expansive global network.”

Danielle Mashon, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

Through a formalised partnership with UNICEF, students also have the opportunity to work on projects that aim towards real-world change and to create a network that will help them in their further careers. (But much more about this partnership below 👍). 

High academic outcomes and student-driven initiatives

Having completed the IBDP myself (and knowing how challenging it can be!), I’m frankly in awe of the final grades that NAISR graduates obtain — but after hearing about NAISR’s approach to the programme, I’m not surprised!

At NAISR, their personalised approach to teaching goes beyond just listening to students within the framework of education already set up at the school. Students planning to complete the IBDP can request which courses they are interested in and which will benefit the career path they have in mind. This way, NAISR works with almost on-demand course offerings.

Additional courses are offered online

And if there’s a course that isn’t offered at the school in Rotterdam itself, students have the opportunity to follow it online together with other students in their region and be assisted by live calls with quality teachers — that’s flexibility! 🤩

It is a non-selective school 

Taking inclusivity seriously, NAISR operates as a non-selective school by giving all students who are interested in the IBDP a chance to complete the programme. This sets them apart from many other IB World Schools! 

Year-round admissions

One of the ways NAISR tailor their education to international families is through a flexible admissions process. Unlike many other schools in the Netherlands, admissions are open all year round. So you don’t have to worry about arriving in time for the beginning of the Dutch school year.

Students have the opportunity to develop their interests both online and on campus. Image: Paul Pacey/Supplied

A school with international reach

We’ve already alluded to how NAISR opens up the world for their students, but let’s take a closer look at their international partners, shall we?

Collaboration with MIT: preparing students for the future

In Years 1 to 11, students at NAISR benefit from a close partnership with MIT that enhances their learning opportunities in the field of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and maths). 

NAISR’s purpose-built facilities include a dedicated STEAM room and children all the way down to the Early Years programme are introduced to the wonders of science by NAISR’s STEAM specialists. For the older students, NAISR even organises a visit to MIT! 🛫 

Collaboration with UNICEF: projects for change

As mentioned earlier, NAISR’s partnership with UNICEF has a big impact on their IB students’ learning outside the classroom. 

As part of the IBDP curriculum, students need to complete “CAS projects” which signify that they are involved with creativity, activity, and service. This partnership offers students enhanced opportunities in shaping their CAS experiences and becoming global citizens. 🤝

Is Nord Anglia International School Rotterdam the right choice for me and my children?

If you’re looking for a school with a personalised approach to learning that will celebrate each student’s success as well as support them through every challenge, you should definitely be looking into NAISR! 

Get in touch with NAISR! Do you have any questions about the school or would like to have a chat about your childrens’ potential future at NAISR? Contact them or follow their social media.

What do you think about NAISR? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: Paul Pacey/Supplied

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