On Thursday, KLM announced it will launch a “Tikkie for Co2 emissions” for passengers in 2020. They hope donations from customers will help them to become more environmentally friendly. 

A Tikkie will only be sent to the customers who have provided their WhatsApp number and not to every passenger.

Why are KLM doing this?

People are becoming increasingly concerned about the climate crisis and want to actively help. As it currently stands, you can only offset carbon emissions when booking an flight ticket with the airline itself. KLM’s research predicts that with this new Tikkie initiative, around 40 percent of people will make the donation which is significantly more than the 0.25 percent of passengers who offset carbon emissions this year.

Think this is a good initiative? Well everything helps but bear in mind not flying in the first place is better than compensating for the Co2 the flight burns through…

Image:Andrey Belenko/Flickr


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