Prime Minister Mark Rutte has said he is pleased with Boris Johnson’s win last night in the UK elections. The clarity his win provides on Brexit is welcome, according to Rutte.

“I don’t feel relief or sadness, but rather a factual finding to settle this. I think everyone thinks that is good news, otherwise it will keep us occupied for years,” the Dutch prime minister said. Johnson has won a majority, with the Conservatives currently claiming 363 seats out of 650, with two seats yet to be declared. This means that he can push through Brexit legislation without needing to rely on the DUP, as he had in the past.

It is expected that Johnson will adhere to his plan of “getting Brexit done” by 31 January, according to The Guardian. For other European countries, including the Netherlands, all this means is certainty that Brexit is coming at last, after three and a half years. Today, 27 EU leaders are meeting to discuss how to negotiate a trade agreement with the British.

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Feature image: EU2017EE/Flickr.


  1. Please don’t forget the 56.4% who didn’t vote for Johnson and, by implication, do not want to leave the EU. Cherish the Dutch proportional representation electoral system!


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