A boat tour in The Hague – Why it’s a great idea

The DutchReview crew went on a boat tour in The Hague, here’s why maybe you should too

Every now and then the DutchReview crew stop for a moment using their superpowers in sarcastic writing and puns, bundle their forces and go on a, preferably boozy, trip together into our tiny but charming country. And what could be more Dutch than faring on our canals? (feel free to email us cheese tasting companies!) But instead of doing the clichéd and crowded canals of Amsterdam – we went for the off-the-beaten-path canals and water ways of The Hague.

Why boating works

So a boat tour in The Hague, why is that better than say – just doing a guided tour? Well, because of a couple of things – like most waterways in the world they weren’t just put there to annoy cars and offer the opportunity of recreational boating. People in past times just needed to get around town and some of the most important buildings were located next to the water instead of a modern road. So I’ve found that when on a boat I would always have a different view of a city, and often a much better one that is.

Also there’s time and space for food, music and drinks – which is something we can obviously all appreciate.

Why a boat tour in The Hague is an even better idea

But why a boat tour in The Hague especially? Well, first of all, like I said you’ll view the city through a different pair of eyes. Sure most of you have set foot in The Hague, and if you’ve never did that then I would still recommend just looking up the Hofvijver and the Peace Palace on the first time ever there. But a boat tour in The Hague will show you so much more than the cliché stuff of the Hofstad. You’ll hear different stories about the characteristics of the town (and its colorful inhabitants!), you will see places that you normally wouldn’t travel to and because you’re on a boat your free of all the hustle and touristic bustle of the other parts of town – so it’s really chill!

And of course the pretty pretty sights Oh Oh Den Haag:

Pretty sights and weird art – never a shortage of weird art in the Netherlands
Those long dark tunnels
Boat tour in The Hague
The Hague: prettier than one would first think

Here’s how to get on a boat tour in The Hague

We’ve opted for a ride with ‘The Hague Boat’, it’s a little company started by an enthusiastic couple. It’s also a traditional couple as well in the sense that he is the captain and Leonie is the host that will tell you everything about The Hague that there is in English (with a charming little touch of the renowned ‘haags’ accent 😉 ).

We went on a private boat tour with them, so that’s a fine suggestion if you’re with a group. They’ve also got scheduled boat tours for which you can buy tickets, so that’s the way to go if you’re going with just a handful of people. If you want something really special then check out their events page. (that Jazz in de Grachten tour seems like awesomeballs!)

Want to join us next time? That’s totally possible – start writing for DutchReview!

Abuzer van Leeuwen 🇳🇱http://www.abuzervanleeuwen.nl
Founded DutchReview. Rotterdammer living in Leiden. Politics, innovation and epic food-reviews are his thing. Interested in doing anything with DutchReview? Contact him at abuzer[at]dutchreview.com



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