Here’s how you can help Turkey and Syria’s earthquake victims from the Netherlands

The recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have destroyed the lives of many people. This is hard to watch from the safety of the Netherlands, but thankfully there are things we can do to help. 

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 23 million people in Syria and Turkey were affected by the two earthquakes (measured at 7.8 and 7.5 in magnitude) that hit on February 6, leaving tens of thousands of people homeless and devastated. 

Two weeks later, on February 20, another devastating 6.4-level earthquake hit the region, followed by an aftershock with a 5.8 magnitude.

While the death toll has surpassed 46,000, many more people are homeless or still missing. Aid is being sent from all parts of the world.

“It is now a race against time. Every minute, every hour that passes, the chance of finding survivors decreases,” says General Tedros, director of WHO. 

So, how can you help from the Netherlands?

We try to keep this article updated, but please tell us in the comments if you have new inputs, NGOs or campaigns you think we should include and support.

Donate to Giro555

Giro555 is an initiative of The Cooperating Aid Organisations. Together, the 11 cooperating aid organisations (Care, Cordaid, Kerk in Actie, Netherlands Red Cross, Oxfam Novib, Plan Netherlands, Save the Children, Refugee Foundation, Terre des Hommes, Unicef Netherlands and World Vision ) have opened an account where people can donate money to help the earthquake victims, reports NOS.

Giro555 was last opened in February last year, after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, raising more than €178 million. 

Following the devastating earthquakes, Giro555 has now launched a campaign to provide aid for victims in Turkey and Syria. 

Speaking to the NOS, Michiel Servaes, the spokesperson for the organisation, has stated:

“It is a terrible disaster, the gigantic size of which we cannot yet oversee. Immediate emergency aid is needed, such as medical care, blankets, food, and clean drinking water. Giro555 is now open and calls on the Netherlands to donate for all women, men, and children affected.”

Translation: #Giro555 is open for #Turkey and #Syria! Urgent help is needed for the thousands of victims of the earthquake, both in the short and long term. The cooperating aid organisations are joining forces and calling on the whole of the Netherlands to take action together.

Account number: IBAN: NL08 INGB 0000 0005 55

Donate: €35, €70, €120, or choose another amount

Mission: Provide immediate emergency assistance such as medical care, food and shelter

You can donate here.

Take part in the national action day 

Next Wednesday, Giro555 is organising a national action day on behalf of the victims from Sound & Vision in Hilversum, during which radio and TV channels will discuss a fundraising campaign. 

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When: Wednesday, February 15

Where to watch: A joint television program from the NPO, RTL, and Talpa Network will broadcast on NPO1 from 8:30 PM.

To listen: Radio station NPO FunX will be the national action channel throughout the day and will start at 5:55 AM, with DPG Media also joining. Radio stations Qmusic, Radio 538, Radio 10, Radio Veronica, and Sky Radio will also support the action day.

Donations open: Giro555 will remain open for donations for the following days after this. During the action day, there will be a call panel on Sound & Vision where people can call for donations.

More information can be found here.

Donate to the Dutch Red Cross

The Dutch Red Cross opened an account number on Monday to collect donations for the affected areas. 

At the time of writing, more than €2 million has been donated within 24 hours. 

Translation: The Netherlands has already donated more than €2 million #Giro744 for aid to victims of the #earthquake. Thus we help in #Turkey and #Syra: search and rescue, first aid, medical care, and ambulance services, blood donations and transport, blankets, tents, food and meals

Account number: NL19 INGB 0000 0072 44

Donate: €35, €60, €120: For €60, you can give an emergency shelter package which includes tarpaulins, building materials and tools 

Mission: Remove as many people as possible from under the rubble, provide first aid, and transport people to the hospital. Red Cross volunteers distribute blankets and tents to people.

You can donate here.

Support The White Helmets

The White Helmets, also known as the Syria Civil Defence, are humanitarian volunteers (former bakers, tailors, pharmacists, carpenters, and even students) that risk their lives for people in need. 

Thousands of civilians are still stuck under the rubble after the earthquake, and while 3000 White Helmet volunteers are on the ground searching for survivors, they need our help to support their life-saving work.

Donate: €25, €75, €200, other amount

Mission: Find survivors and transport hundreds of injured people to hospitals and provide resources and shelter 

What your donation can do: help source more equipment for all the incidents and fuel to transport the injured

Other ways to support: Sign up to receive updates about the White Helmets.  

You can donate here

Molham Volunteering Team 

Molham Volunteering Team is a non-funded, charitable organisation founded in 2012 by a group of university students in Jordan with one mission: providing aid to internally placed and refugee Syrians in northern Syria and neighbouring countries. 

Now, they’ve launched an “Earthquake Response” Campaign that aims to lessen the suffering of thousands of victims in Turkey and Syria. 

Donate: Choose your own amount

Mission: Provide victims with necessities and accommodation

You can donate here.

Living in Leiden? Donate at these locations

The municipality in Leiden, a government organisation, has posted on Facebook how people living in Leiden can support victims by donating items. 

People can turn in first aid kits, generators, sleeping bags, tents, diapers, monthly bandages, electric heaters, scarves, or gloves. 

Where? Multiple areas in Leiden will accept donated items. Here is where you can go:

  • 1) Leiden Mimar Sinan Mosque (Curaçaostraat 3, Leiden)
  • 2) HTIB (Eksterpad 4, Leiden)
  • 3) Fatih Foundation (Johan Wagenaarlaan 11, Leiden)
  • 4) Action Travel (Hooglandse Kersteeg 8a, Leiden)

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Francesca Burbano
Francesca Burbano
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