Call to donate flowers for Remembrance Day

One of the most important Dutch national days is around the corner, namely Remembrance Day on May 4.

Given the current situation with the coronavirus, it’s now being decided in what way can Remembrance Day be celebrated while respecting current social distancing measures, reports RTL Nieuws.

No audience for Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is celebrated in honour of the civilians and military personnel that fought in WW2. Normally, the event attracts crowds, but this year’s edition will play out differently.

The celebration in Dam Square will only be held this year with Prime-Minister Rutte, the Mayor of Amsterdam, as well as the Chairman of the National Committee for May 4 and 5. King Willem-Alexander will also be present to give a speech.

Even if people cannot go out to celebrate this memorial day, alternatives have already been found for people to participate.

Donating flowers for the war memorials

A decision was made by the National Committee so that people may buy and donate flowers from flower growers, so that they may get distributed across war memorials in the country.

This is done also to support the flower growers which have been hard-hit by the coronavirus crisis.

If you wish to donate flowers to monuments, you can do so through or through the Tikkie App.

As is usually done on Remembrance Day, there will be two minutes of silence at 8:00 PM, followed by the singing of the Dutch national anthem. People are encouraged to sing along.

Will you be donating flowers for this historic day? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: DMCA/Pxfuel

Vlad Moca-Grama
Vlad Moca-Grama
Vlad was born and raised in Brasov, Romania and came to the Hague to study. When he isn't spending time missing mountains or complaining about the lack of urban exploration locations in the Netherlands, you can find him writing at Dutch Review.


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