The RIVM has published the latest count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands for today, June 18.

The newest count reveals an additional 132 cases of coronavirus in the country. Ever since the outbreak began back in February, there’s been a total of 49,319 cases.

Severe cases of coronavirus have lead to three people ending up in the hospital, where they are now receiving medical care.

Unfortunately, the virus continues to cause casualties. Four more people have passed away, and countrywide, 6,078 total people have succumbed to the virus.

Preliminary analysis reveals one person at Dam protests has coronavirus

The anti-racism protests that occurred two weeks ago in Dam square have attracted both praise and criticism. Critics were concerned over the public health risk posed by a large protest during a global pandemic.

However, it’s been reported by NOS that just one person present at the protests now has coronavirus, and that the individual was not contagious during the time of the protest.

As the incubation period of the virus of two weeks has already passed, it is safe to assume that the protest wasn’t the spike in cases that some people expected it to be.


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Feature Image: DutchReview/Canva


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