Earlier this morning, a group of men were arrested for abusing and sexually assaulting three teenage girls. Police Netherlands believe the girls were drugged and then harmed in a “defenceless condition”. 

Social media used to lure the girls

The girls, aged 15 and 16, first got in contact with the men through social media. The abuse took place at a garage company in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

During the investigation, police discovered nude photos and other visual footage. Police Netherlands make clear “When it comes to images of a minor, possession and distribution are always punishable. It falls under child pornography and when we come across such images, we always investigate the origin and distribution.”

There might be more victims

The police detective team believe more girls have fallen victim to the group but have remained silent so far. A spokesperson from the police urges “Maybe they didn’t dare to do that earlier, because they were afraid of the boys. But if something like this happened to you, you need help”, RTL news reports. 

Men remain in jail

Police will conduct searches of the suspects’ homes today. Those who have been arrested this far will remain in jail and may only have contact with their lawyer.

Need support?

If you want to report a similar crime, you can contact the vice squad on 0900-8844. If you would like support as a victim of a sexual crime, then you can contact either the Centre for Sexual Violence (CSG), Victim Support Netherlands or Safe Home. All information you share with the police or any of the above organisations is treated confidentially.



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