Minors caught carrying knives in Rotterdam will now be slapped with a 2500 euro fine

If a minor in Rotterdam is found with a knife for a second time, a fine of 2,500 euros will be imposed on the parents, the mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb told Radio Rijnmond yesterday evening. 

Knife violence has also prompted the mayors of Nissewaard and Ridderkerk to call for a complete national ban of minors carrying knives as there have been stabbing incidents involving minors in both municipalities.

In Spijkenisse, Nissewaard, for instance, a 13-year-old was arrested for stabbing a 14-year-old, which resulted in serious injuries.

A national ban on knives?

The Dutch minister of security and justice, Ferdinand Grapperhaus, opposes the idea of a national ban.

Aboutaleb sees both perspectives. “Because what is a knife? A potato peeler? And is it no longer allowed during scouting?” he remarks. On the other hand, he sees the danger of knife violence.

For this reason, the municipality of Rotterdam has decided to impose this “penalty payment” if youth has been caught with a knife twice. Penalty fines are municipal competences and therefore do not require national politics.

What causes knife violence amongst youth?

According to the mayor, employees of the municipality of Rotterdam are currently researching knife violence in London. The mayor notes that knife violence has its origins there, where it has been problematic for a while now. He states that knife violence is “associated with drill music” which glorifies knives and rivalry. Furthermore, it makes these adolescents feel more powerful.

Given the recent incidents and the new fine in Rotterdam, it appears as if there is a need to regulate knife violence among youth, as it could easily spiral out of control.

Should knives among youth be completely banned? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: Zak Cannon/Flickr 

Vedika Luthra
Vedika Luthrahttp://hotchocolatehits.com
Vedika was born in India, raised in Poland and moved to the Netherlands to study. Like her nationality, she’s confused about what she likes most, which is why her bachelor’s degree was in liberal arts and sciences. She enjoys writing about all things food-related but likes to mix it up every now and then.


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