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Doei hagelslag! Almost 50% of Dutch parents want a school-provided healthy lunch

Hagelslag, vruchtenhagel, kaas… the Dutch are definitely known for their array of sandwich fixings! 😋 However, nearly 50% of parents in the Netherlands think their little ones aren’t getting enough nutrition in their school lunches.

Pointer, the investigative journalism platform of Dutch broadcaster KRO-NCRV, polled 911 parents on the subject — and let’s just say that the results were food for thought!

Healthy school lunches: 89% say they’re necessary

It’s a given that parents want their children to eat healthily, and the results were overwhelmingly in favour of this.

Within this group, 44% believed that schools ought to prove students with healthy lunches. Some parents noted that this would be a great way of helping students in poverty have access to filling and nutritious meals.

However, 38% were opposed to school lunches, stating that they’d rather decide what their kid ate instead.

Short lunch breaks mean that kids aren’t eating enough

Of all the parents surveyed, a quarter believed that 15 minutes was too short

Complaints ranged from one parent always having to clear half-full lunchboxes, whilst another disliked the idea of their child needing to shovel food down at a record pace. 👀

Pediatrician Felix Kreier was in agreement with the parental outrage. He explained that mental peace was essential for a child’s digestive system to function well. Without it, upset stomachs (and cranky, irritable kids!) were a given.

What do you think of Dutch kids being given school lunches? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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Liana Pereira
Liana Pereira
Primarily fuelled by cheese and lots (LOTS!) of coffee, Liana is a Burgher from sunny Sri Lanka that’s in the midst of wrapping up her linguistics degree. While writing will *always* have her heart, she also likes travelling, dogs, and heavy metal. As an observer of all things weirdly and wonderfully Dutch since 2018, she’s thrilled to have the ‘write’ opportunity to help others feel more at home here.



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