Dutch cabinet reacts to Trump suspending WHO funding

Yesterday it was announced that American president, Donald Trump had decided to suspend funding from the World Health Organisation. In response, the Netherlands expressed its support towards the association. 

President Trump announced America’s withdrawal of funds from WHO after criticising it for “severely managing” the coronavirus crisis. Furthermore, he bashed the organisation’s relationship with China, stressing that China should have been condemned more.

The US contributes 15% of the WHO’s budget (which equates to $400 million) and since the WHO is currently working hard to combat the spread of COVID-19, withdrawal of funds isn’t really helping the situation. In times like these when the world should be coming together to combat the global pandemic, America never fails to disappoint us.

Dutch response

In response to Trump, yesterday the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Sigrid Kaag took to Twitter in order to stress Dutch support for WHO. The Minister stated:

“The Netherlands supports the WHO. It is important that the WHO can continue to do its job well in this global corona crisis. Now is not the time to turn off the money tap. Now all our energy is needed to overcome this crisis. International cooperation is vital.”

Kaag illustrates the views of pretty much most of us around the world.

According to NLTimes, Members of Parliament from coalition parties CDA, D66, ChristienUnie and urged Kaag and other EU members to ensure that the US doesn’t stop its funding and that the EU should come to aid the WHO.

Do you think the US is justified in quitting the WHO? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Feature Image: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

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  1. “ America never fails to disappoint us.” What a stupid statement. We would be speaking German if it were not for America. Not to worry I guess, soon we will be speaking Mandarin when our Chinese overlords take over the EU.


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