Dutch companies lead the way in developing x-ray software to diagnose coronavirus

Two Dutch companies, Thirona and Delft Imaging, are working on technology which could help doctors to diagnose coronavirus through x-ray imagery. 

This is expected to be especially helpful in poorer countries, where laboratory testing and CT scans (which are currently being used in wealthy countries to test for and track the progress of coronavirus) are not as widespread. The technology Thirona and Delft Imaging are developing is based on techniques used to diagnose tuberculosis.

How does the software work?

The software works analysing the damage to someone’s lungs that shows up on an X-ray  and rating it on a scale of 0 to 100. This rating allows doctors to determine whether the source of the problem is coronavirus. It could also be used as the first step in the diagnostic process, allowing doctors to determine whether a patient needs to be tested in the first place, NL Times reports.

Crucial technology for poorer countries

At the moment, the SARS-COV-19 lab test is still the only approved method for conclusively establishing whether someone is infected with coronavirus. The new software could prove crucial in poorer countries, where access to CT scans and labs is limited. According to the developers in an interview with ANP, “Many of the measures we have implemented in Europe and the United States are difficult to copy in Africa.”

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Feature Image: oracast/Pixabay

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