Coronavirus update Easter Sunday: 94 deaths, 196 hospitalisations and 1188 new cases

The RIVM has published the latest count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands for Sunday April 12, the 1st day of Easter. The new number is 25,587 cases. This is an increase of 1,188 cases since yesterday’s count, with 94 more deaths (total: 2737) and 196 more hospitalisations (8582 in total). 

For what it’s worth, that’s fewer deaths and roughly the same number of hospitalisations as yesterday: but it’s important to remember that the numbers might be off by a bit, as the RIVM itself also has reported. Testing is not widespread enough to give us a good idea of how many people are infected, and recoveries are not currently being recorded. Furthermore, deaths and hospitalisations are not always reported on the day they occur. The numbers do show a trend though, hence why we keep reporting on them.

IC beds in the Netherlands

What is important is the number of intensive care units that are occupied left, because having enough capacity is crucial to stopping unnecessary deaths. This was the situation yesterday:

Here’s hoping you’re all having a healthy, happy and indoorsy Easter

The Netherlands isn’t really big on Easter, but we do celebrate it (painting eggs and chocolate eggs on day 1, ‘furniture boulevards’ on Monday – let’s all not do that this time). However, this time around we do miss our families and loved ones to enjoy a nice brunch with. It must especially be hard for all you internationals here during these coronavirus days, missing your families for such a long time now. So on behalf of every one of DutchReview, Happy Easter! Stay inside and look after each other and next time we’ll be, hopefully, sitting and feasting with our loved ones as we should.

Also, gourmetten with your social isolation buddies is still a good thing to do.

How are you celebrating Easter this year? Do you care at all? How is your coronavirus anxiety coming along? Feel welcome to leave anything in the comments


Abuzer Van Leeuwen
Abuzer Van Leeuwen
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