This Dutch store just opened, and it’s selling… expired products?

Have you ever thought, “Hey, why let a little expiration date dictate our food choices?” Well, hold onto your taste buds, because a bold new supermarket in the heart of the Netherlands is taking expired goods from drab to fab!

From canned tomatoes that have seen a few seasons to chocolate bars that had to show their ID to buy a drink – it’s all there!

Ok, fine, the products aren’t that old. At the Datumvoordeelshop in Neijmegen, the products are being sold at or just past their expiration date.

Will this food kill me?

We’re sure you might be thinking, “Wait… isn’t eating expired stuff a recipe for disaster?”

But fear not, foodies! According to AD, this supermarket has a stringent quality control process, and they’re not just throwing random old stuff on the shelves.

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In addition to curating a selection of products that still have plenty of life left in them, they also check that the products are properly sealed and stored, so you’re safe to consume them.

And it’s not just food, as the shop also sells shampoo, cotton pads, and toilet paper. 

Hoera for low prices!

Shoppers have been stoked about the pocket-friendly prices. It’s like shopping in a time machine where everything costs a fraction of what it did when it was fresh. Who knew a slightly aged gouda could bring so much joy at a fraction of the cost?

And the cherry on top? Shops like Datumvoordeelshop help reduce food waste, which is a prevalent issue in the Netherlands. It’s a win-win that even your grandma’s meatloaf leftovers would approve of.

So, next time you’re up for a shopping escapade, why not embrace your inner culinary explorer? Swing by this offbeat supermarket and get ready to embark on a frugal flavour journey.

Would you try shopping at the Datumvoordeelshop? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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Julia de Oliveira Moritz
Julia de Oliveira Moritz
Júlia was born in Brazil, but she’s been away for more than half her life. At five years old, she moved to Nigeria, and at 14, she came to the Netherlands. She came for her education and stayed for… something. She’s not sure if that something is the vibrant springtime or the live music bars. All she knows is that this is her new home, at least for now.
  1. I presume that the products that are past their expiration date are usually those which are non-perishable. Or are there perishable items that are still allowed to be sold past their expiration date?

  2. I found a very old can of coffee in the back of my pantry that was 35 years old. I almost threw it away but opened it out of curiosity. It smelled so good I brewed a pot from it and it was better by far than coffee from a new can of the same brand. The product had obviously been cheapened over the years but more to the point, the fact of being on the shelf many years did not spoil it. Some products are very shelf stable. And expired cheese? The older the better. Some of us would pay a little extra for it. Niet waar?


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