Best supermarkets in the Netherlands: the international’s guide

An expat's gotta eat 🍴

Supermarkets in the Netherlands, much like Dutch cheese, come in many different shapes and sizes.

Finding the right one for you, whether it’s a budget, organic, or premium supermarket, can be harder than finding an NS train with no delays. Oh, and grocery delivery services? The Netherlands has plenty of choices too.

Lo and behold, the answers you need: the ultimate guide to supermarkets in the Netherlands! 🙌

Most common supermarkets in the Netherlands

It goes without saying that the Netherlands has many great supermarket chains, but it can get a tad confusing differentiating all of them and finding one that suits your budget.

To help you decide, here are the most common supermarkets you’re likely to find in Holland.

Albert Heijn: widely available, but expensive

Image: DutchReview

The Netherlands’ most popular supermarket chain, Albert Heijn (commonly known as AH or Appies) is also the most common supermarket you’re likely to find here.

Of course, many of its products come with a premium price tag, so AH is widely considered one of the pricier supermarkets in the country.

👍 TIP: Getting an AH bonuskaart (bonus card), is essential to help you nab some fabulous discounts on food, home goods, and — wait for it — day trips!

💰 Affordability: €€€
🚚 Delivery: Yes, delivery bundles range from €14 per month for a Maandbundel (month bundle) to €12 per month for a Jaarbundel (year bundle)

Jumbo: Albert Heijn’s more affordable cousin

Image: DutchReview

Typically seen as slightly more affordable than its competitor, Jumbo is the second-largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands.

Jumbo’s 7 Zekerheden (7 Certainties) ensure that the whole shopping experience is smoother than a lick of pindakaas on your broodje. Found a product with today’s expiry date? Congrats, it’s now free!

💰 Affordability: €€
🚚 Delivery: Yes (fees vary based on delivery times)

Aldi: perfect for the budget-conscious

Image: DutchReview

German supermarket chain Aldi is an ideal choice for discount-hungry shoppers on a strict budget.

Although this supermarket chain doesn’t have as vast a range of products as Albert Heijn and Jumbo, they more than make up for it with their sheer affordability.

💰 Affordability:
🚚 Delivery: No

Lidl: cheap and well-stocked

Image: DutchReview

Like Aldi, Lidl is an affordable German discount supermarket chain with a range of low-cost products, and a Lidl Plus discount card for even more savings.

Whilst not home to as wide a range of goods as more premium supermarkets, it more than makes up for this in the quality and freshness of its produce.

💰 Affordability:
🚚 Delivery: Yes, from €4.99

Coop: affordable and reasonable

Image: DutchReview

A supermarket chain that’s mainly based in the western half of the Netherlands, Coop (pronounced co-OP) prides itself on its affordability.

Hungry for some tasty kortingen (discounts)? Remember to keep the Coop Klantenkaart in your wallet to help you save more cash!

💰 Affordability: €€
🚚 Delivery: Yes, from €4.99 (free delivery from €70)

Plus: mid-range with good discounts

Image: DutchReview

Much like Coop, Plus is a cooperative supermarket chain that has a range of quality products, and is affordable enough to be easy on your wallet.

Ordering online is also guaranteed to be a breeze, with the supermarket granted ABN AMRO’s Webshop Award in 2021 and 2022.

💰 Affordability: €€
🚚 Delivery: Yes, €6

Dirk: great bang for your buck

Image: DutchReview

One of the best choices for shoppers that would like to embrace some Dutch thriftiness, Dirk boasts a range of affordable, quality products.

The cherry on top? According to Consumentenbond, Dirk is the cheapest supermarket for huismerken, which are a supermarket’s own-brand products.

💰 Affordability:
🚚 Delivery: No

SPAR: widespread and convenient

Image: DutchReview

A multinational Dutch chain, SPAR supermarkets are dotted all over the Netherlands — from larger Spar City shops in residential areas and sleepy village shopping centres to tiny Spar Express stores at train stations.

Are you feeling peckish and dying for a wrap? Some Spars also offer lunch delivery, which is perfect for those busy office days.

💰 Affordability: €€
🚚 Delivery: Yes, from €4.95

Other supermarkets in the Netherlands

In addition to your everyday supermarkets, the Netherlands is also home to other supermarkets, as well as speciality stores for your more niche grocery needs. 🍃

Hoogvliet: high quality and reasonable

A supermarket that prides itself on healthy produce at reasonable prices, Hoogvliet is a solid choice for any shopper.

In fact, Hoogvliet’s list of guarantees ensures you receive the freshest products (for the lowest promotional prices). Not jumping for joy at the quality products you’ve bought? You can get your money back, you lucky duck. Geweldig! 🙌

💰 Affordability: €€
🚚 Delivery: Yes, from €5.99

Nettorama: a regional, wallet-friendly option

Possibly the cheapest supermarket in the Netherlands, Nettorama offers low prices on products that range from established brands to private labels.

However, this supermarket chain is mainly found in the southern and eastern parts of the country, so all you thrifty bargain-hunters in the Randstad are likely to be disappointed.

💰 Affordability:
🚚 Delivery: none

DekaMarkt: affordable, yet regional

Dirk’s slightly more upmarket sibling, DekaMarkt sells a wide range of products for very wallet-friendly prices.

Products are guaranteed to be fresh and of good quality, as DekaMarkt’s owner (Detailresult Groep N.V) manages its own production and distribution centres.

💰 Affordability:
🚚 Delivery: Yes, from €2.95

Looking for fresh and organic produce? These supermarkets have all that and more! Image: Depositphotos

EkoPlaza: organic and high-quality

If you’re obsessed with organic produce and budget isn’t a factor, then EkoPlaza is definitely the supermarket for you.

This chain strikes a chord with sustainability lovers, becoming the first supermarket in the world to have a “plastic-free aisle” in 2018!

💰 Affordability: €€€
🚚 Delivery: Yes

EkoPlaza Foodmarqt (Marqt): excellent vegan range

Despite being forced to merge with its competitor EkoPlaza, Marqt still maintains its distinct identity as a trendy supermarket catered towards lovers of all things fresh and biological.

Even more impressive is its insanely wide range of vegan products, which even non-vegans are likely to be tempted by.

💰 Affordability: €€€
🚚 Delivery: No

Amazing Oriental: authentically Asian, but pricey

Dying for some delicious oriental cuisine? Well, it sounds like you need to head to Amazing Oriental, vriend!

The largest Asian supermarket chain in the Netherlands, it’s your one-stop shop for all ethnic cuisine that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

💰 Affordability: €€€
🚚 Delivery: No

Desperately searching for your fave brand of imported hot sauce? Head to an Asian grocery store or an independent grocer, instead of a chain! Image: Depositphotos

Independent grocers: budget-friendly alternatives to chains

Not into shopping at chain supermarkets with inflated prices? We hear you and suggest checking out a few independent grocers.

Many Turkish grocery stores are considerably cheaper than their Dutch counterparts and well worth a visit if you’re in the mood to save some serious cash.

In fact, the number of foreign supermarkets in the Netherlands has grown by 11% in the past couple of years, in no small part due to the wide range of exotic products they stock.

💰 Affordability: €-€€
🚚 Delivery options: they vary per store

Delivery services in the Netherlands

For those short of time (or just wrangling a whole bunch of kids), wandering the aisles of a supermarket can be a tedious, time-consuming task.

Luckily, the Netherlands is also home to some handig (handy) delivery services for your groceries and meal kits! 🚚

Dutch grocery delivery services

In addition to supermarkets that offer delivery options, the Netherlands has many grocery delivery services.

Straight from the supermarket to your doorstep, at the click of a button! Image: Depositphotos

This is a great option for working professionals or those short of time, as you can purchase your groceries online or via an app and then choose a time to have them delivered.

Some popular grocery delivery services in the Netherlands include:

  • Picnic: a troupe of adorable environmentally-friendly mini-trucks that deliver affordable groceries straight to your door
  • GroenteBroer: a family business that prides itself on nothing but the freshest fruits and vegetables

Meal kit delivery services in the Netherlands

Much like grocery delivery services, meal kit delivery services are taking the Netherlands by storm. Who would have guessed that Dutchies don’t like doing their own meal prep? 😉

  • HelloFresh: a company that delivers meal kits for all household sizes and dietary preferences
  • Marley Spoon: a meal delivery kit featuring Martha Stewart-approved recipes and high-quality ingredients
  • Dinnerly: a service that offers meal kits on a budget without compromising quality or freshness

Flash-delivery services in the Netherlands

Desperate for your groceries and don’t want to wait a day or two for delivery? Sounds like you need to order from a flash delivery service!

The Netherlands has a bunch of flash delivery services, including:

  • Gorillas: a speedy grocery delivery company that promises to deliver your shopping within 10 minutes
  • Flink: a grocery service that offers a nippy delivery for supermarket prices (no markup, woop woop!)

What to expect at a Dutch supermarket

Supermarkets are everywhere

Internationals that are unfamiliar with Dutch supermarkets may initially be shocked at how small many of them are, compared to supermarkets abroad.

There’s a reason for this, of course, as supermarkets in the Netherlands are concentrated in much smaller areas, with most Dutchies on average just one kilometre away from at least two supermarkets — and five kilometres away from 24. Insane, right? 

Because of this (and their small houses and fridges), it’s not uncommon for Dutch people to go to the supermarket multiple times per week instead of doing one large weekly shop. 

You’ll need to pack your own groceries

Unlike many other countries, cashiers in the Netherlands don’t pack customers’ groceries for them. Given how crowded Dutch supermarkets can be at peak times, stuffing your groceries into bags at record speed is a skill well worth learning!

Bring your own bag (or pay for them)

Oh — and speaking of bags, it’s easiest to bring a reusable shopping bag along with you, as plastic bags at the checkout aren’t free. (Not to mention the fact reusable bags are more environmentally-friendly! 🍃)

It looks like being green is in style! Image: Freepik

However, despite leaning into environmentalism, many Dutch supermarkets still use a lot of plastic wrap on their fresh produce. Yes, Duch supermarkets, we are judging you. 🧑‍⚖️

How to save money at a Dutch supermarket

Grocery shopping in the Netherlands can occasionally be a very expensive endeavour, but here are some tips and tricks to save your precious geld (money). ✨

Get a membership card

Your first port of call should definitely be getting a discount card if your local supermarket has one. Some supermarkets, like Albert Heijn, only offer discounts to cardholders, so your card will help you get the most bang for your buck!

Wait for discounts (and stock up!)

Most Dutch supermarkets are also very generous with their discounts, so you’ll see regular kortingen (discounts) available. Some of the most common include:

  • 2e gratis: buy one and get one free
  • 1+1 gratis: buy one and get one free
  • 50% korting: the product has a discount of 50%
  • OP = OP: the product is at a discounted price, whilst stocks last

Shop the home brands

Another effective way of saving money at a Dutch supermarket is buying huismerken (own-brand products) instead of A-merken (products from well-known brands). 

Huismerken that offer great bang for your buck include:

  • AH at Albert Heijn (tip: avoid AH Excellent, which is their pricier tier of products)
  • 1 de Best at Dirk
  • g’woon at Superunie supermarkets (available at Hoogvliet, Coop, and Jumbo, among many others)

Even though figuring out the best supermarket for your budget and personal tastes can be a monumental task at first, the rewards to your wallet and diet can be well worth it.

What would you add to our supermarket guide? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

Supermarkets in the Netherlands: frequently asked questions

Decisions, decisions, decisions… they can get awfully confusing, so we’re here to answer any remaining questions you may have!

What time do supermarkets close in the Netherlands?

Do Dutch supermarkets sell alcohol?

Does the Netherlands have cheap groceries?

What’s the cheapest supermarket in the Netherlands?

How can I save money on food in the Netherlands?

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  1. Find your local Turkish butchery for much much cheaper meat prices. Most of the time they also sell fruit and veg that is cheaper and can even be better quality than at a classic dutch supermarket.
    Turkish butcheries are pretty common in the Netherlands.


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